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Top 4 Cosmetic Procedures in NJ [Infographic]

Cosmetic procedures popularity has grown rapidly over the past 15 years thanks to reality TV, Hollywood celebrities and media coverage. Many NJ patients of Dr. Kaplan’s visit his offices for cosmetic procedures. Case studies and numbers from ASAPS show that despite a week economy, the greatest growth was in the expensive surgical procedures. $10 Billion […]

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Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon For Breast Augmentation In New Jersey

Getting plastic surgery isn’t something that you should take lightly. Having the wrong surgeon can turn a decent looking person to a distorted, hideous mess. If you don’t believe it, take a look at what happened to Carrot Top, Michael Jackson, or LaToya Jackson. Bad surgeons even can be riskier in terms of life-threatening complications. […]

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NJ Patient Diaries: Line Correction with Radiesse

One thing we all know to be true is that the aging process is unavoidable. The more time that passes by, the more we begin to notice sagging skin, deep wrinkles settling in, fine lines becoming more visible and our appearance beginning to look tired, dull and aged. Although we cannot avoid the aging process, […]

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Facial Rejuventation with Cosmetic Dermal Fillers in NJ

Dr. Kaplan of The Kaplan Center For Plastic Surgery And Reconstructive Surgery specializes in multiple avenues of the plastic surgery realm including Aesthetics. He offers the latest techniques and innovative treatments when it comes to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Kaplan specializes in facial fillers such as Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse.   In this video, we see […]

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Enhancing with a Breast Lift: Mastopexy

Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic procedure that we hear about all of the time — but what about breast lifts? While breast augmentation is a procedure that is done to specifically enlarge the breasts, a breast lift, also known as mastopexy, works with what you’ve already got, as it lifts and reshapes sagging or […]

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Patient Diary: Why I Wanted A Breast Reduction

Big boobs — they seem to be something every young girl wants, that is, until she actually grows up and gets them. While it may look all good and well to be “blessed in the chest,” the truth is that sometimes carrying around these big “fun bags” isn’t so much fun at all. As someone […]

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Cheekbone Enhancement With Radiesse (Video)

Today more than ever, everyone is lusting over the look of having killer cheekbones — seriously, haven’t you noticed that contouring is all the rage? However, if simply sculpting your cheeks with powder just isn’t cutting it, New Jersey Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan can help you achieved that defined look, and even […]

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Let A Brow Lift Reinvent A Younger You

Growing up, I never paid much attention to my eyebrows or lips, but now they seem to be the two facial features that nobody can get enough of… myself included. Seriously, if your pout isn’t plumped and on point and your brows aren’t on fleek, chances are you’re so off trend… a.k.a. a place that […]

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Out With The Plump, In With The Thin

Fad /fad/ Noun – an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze. That’s how Google defines the word “fad,” and we’re sure you already know (and have even experienced) what one is all too well — no dictionary needed here. Celebrities […]

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