Out With The Plump, In With The Thin

Fad /fad/ Noun – an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s qualities; a craze. That’s how Google defines the word “fad,” and we’re sure you already know (and have even experienced) what one is all too well — no dictionary needed here. Celebrities […]

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Watch Nonsurgical Nose Job Deliver Optimal Results

A nonsurgical nose job procedure allows you to reshape the form and aesthetically enhance the nose using cosmetic fillers. The latest fad in cosmetic procedures uses non-invasive techniques and products to achieve desired aesthetic results. The treatment successfully delivers a new nose as it can be miraculously sculpted in 15 minutes or less. The transformation […]

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Breaking Down The Bullhorn Technique

[Graphic Visual] Upper Lip Lift Using Bull Horn Technique The big lip obsession has taken over the world, but people are beginning to realize beauty comes at a cost- a very inconvenient cost. Injections and temporary fixes are great for immediate results, but once the Botox begins the wear off, it’s back to needles and […]

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Reconstructing Your Breast Augmentations

As summer’s end rolls upon us once again, people not only have become more concerned with how their body parts have fit in their bathing suits, but also how they were able to maintain post BBQ season.  Nothing but perfection seems to be good enough. Large, perky breasts, tight/firm round buttocks, and a flat, toned […]

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Allergies, Puffiness, Tired… Oh My!

If you suffer from puffy, tired looking eyes, it could be more than just spring time allergies. As we grow older, there are certain parts of our physical features that begin to display the signs of aging faster in comparison to other parts of the body. The eyes are one of the main focal points […]

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Examine The Beauty Behind Noninvasive Treatments

FEATURED ON EXAMINER READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Non-invasive surgery is a procedure that requires no slits or incisions to be made in the skin. It is also accompanied by numerous benefits in comparison to invasive surgery. These procedures are performed at a much lower cost with little to no pain or even discomfort. By using […]

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