Examine The Beauty Behind Noninvasive Treatments

FEATURED ON EXAMINER READ FULL ARTICLE HERE Non-invasive surgery is a procedure that requires no slits or incisions to be made in the skin. It is also accompanied by numerous benefits in comparison to invasive surgery. These procedures are performed at a much lower cost with little to no pain or even discomfort. By using […]

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Bring the Spring Break in Brazil to You with a Brazilian Butt Lift – Breaking Down the Ins and Outs of this Treatment Plan

One of the most popular butt enhancements used today is the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. Besides obtaining butt implants, this natural butt enhancement is a popular option.  The BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that gives your buttocks a more youthful and “perky” look, thereby creating a body profile that is “Spring Break” beautiful. […]

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As Featured on SheKnows

Fast forward to 2016, and facial yoga itself is more popular than ever. Nowadays, celebrity endorsements and apps on social media have helped put the technique into the spotlight. And unlike years prior, interested parties can now become certified face yoga instructors, thanks to newfound facial yoga courses. But as time has gone by, the […]

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New from Dr. Gordon Kaplan and The Kaplan Center — The Virtual Body is here. Explore your surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedure options, from Breast Augmentation to Xeomin.

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