Breaking Down The Bullhorn Technique

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Upper Lip Lift Using Bull Horn Technique

The big lip obsession has taken over the world, but people are beginning to realize beauty comes at a cost- a very inconvenient cost. Injections and temporary fixes are great for immediate results, but once the Botox begins the wear off, it’s back to needles and doctors.

Let’s face it, society is looking for a one and done type of deal when it comes to beauty. No one has the time or the funds to visit re- plump themselves 4 times a year, so how do we emulate Kylie Jenner without living at the doctor’s office? There are many different options to try such as limp plumpers, suction “tricks”, and different ways to apply makeup, but the effortless look so many crave isn’t going to be achieved with any of that.

Looking for the fix? Look no further, we’ve found the answer. Introducing the bullhorn technique for upper lip lifts. This technique will have people walking away from needles forever.

Although the procedure is seemingly simple, there are many small details that go into a beautiful upper lip lift. As opposed to the Italian Lip Lift which involves separate incisions- making it harder to maintain an even cupid’s bow ( the digit above the upper lip) after surgery- the Bullhorn method is one continuous incision across the bottom of the nose which allows the doctor to perform a more unified and precise lift. Each part of the upper lip will heal at the same time due to the one incision.

A fuller upper lip is the result of drawing the skin up from the top of the lip and eliminating excess tissue from directly under the nose.  The skin is then pulled up to meet the nose line, revealing a fuller, poutier lip. Women aren’t the only ones looking to enhance their beauty this way, this is a growing trend among men all over the world. The upper lip lift can help men achieve a fuller looking beard or more defined jaw lines as well.

Recovery time varies greatly by person. Here’s a first hand look at the Bullhorn Procedure by Dr. Gordon Kaplan:


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