As Featured on New Theory: How Do You Prevent Being ‘Botched’

With highly-rated shows like the E! Network’s hit Botched appearing as regular programming, no wonder there is a new trend brewing in plastic surgery- and not a good one! Getting “botched” is no joke, but people are making rash decisions to change their aesthetic for good.

Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror, day in and day out, seeing the things you want to change but never had the means to do so. This insecurity has played a major role in your personal appearance and self-esteem for as long as you could remember. You’ve considered this a problem for quite some time and when you finally see your opportunity to change this insecurity, you run full speed to your nearest plastic surgeon, “Nose job, please.”

The weeks of healing come and go and although you get little sneak peeks at the result, you know that the “swelling will go down” and that you will “eventually get used to your new nose”. Although you have some doubts in the back of your mind, you reassure yourself constantly, I mean, doctor knows best, right?


The more you look at yourself in the mirror, the less confidence you have, not only in your doctor but in yourself. Friends and family tell you it looks fine, of course, that’s their job. They want to try and make you feel as good as possible. But of course, there is always that one true blue that will be honest with you for the sake of your own sanity.

You’ve been botched, girl. Botched!

You thought this type of thing only happens on television or in unregulated third world countries. But no, this happened in your own home town.

The doctor told you that everything would be fine and that you’d be satisfied with the nose you’ve always wanter. Something, somewhere, went wrong.

“What happened? What went wrong? Why would he do this?”

These questions, you may never know the answer to, but perhaps I do.

First of all, money talks. If money is asking if you are specialized or certified, the answer is going to be “yes” 100% of the time (or some other variation of that). If a doctor is inexperienced with this particular procedure but excels in other areas, he still may tell you “yes” and assure you that all is well.

The bigger problem here is lack of research, second opinions, genuine comfortability, and the most important, realistic expectations. You went to this surgeon thinking he will give you the perfectly sculpted nose you always dreamed of but instead, you woke up looking like Marcia Brady, post football face.

Finding a surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty is one of the most important factors of the entire process. You want to put your trust (and appearance) in the right hands. With a knowledgeable doctor by your side, you can ensure that youwill receive all important information regarding process and procedure, both pre- and post- operation.

Do not cut yourself short and rid yourself of the outcomes you so desire. Reaching gratification with yourself is possible with cosmetic surgery, so long you put your trust in a reputable, widely trusted surgeon.

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