Bring the Spring Break in Brazil to You with a Brazilian Butt Lift – Breaking Down the Ins and Outs of this Treatment Plan

shutterstock_65270200One of the most popular butt enhancements used today is the Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. Besides obtaining butt implants, this natural butt enhancement is a popular option.  The BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that gives your buttocks a more youthful and “perky” look, thereby creating a body profile that is “Spring Break” beautiful.

During the procedure, the doctor takes the patient’s own fat and injects it in the buttock area to create a more prominent appearance. Women who opt for the procedure often complain that their butt is too flat or sagging, or disproportionate with the rest of their body. A massive weight loss can also change the shape of the butt, thereby requiring some form of enhancement.

How the Process Works

In order to perform a BBL, the doctor injects fat into the buttocks from another part of the body. The technique usually combines fat injection with liposuction, fat grafting or extraction. The processing of the fat involves decanting and centrifugation. Follow-up includes injecting fat into the patient’s upper butt so the rear end appears both lifted and smooth.

Suction-based tumescent liposuction is utilized to extract fat, later used as a graft. Dr. Kotaro Yoshimura, who is a fat grafting authority and expert advocates the use of small cannula holes on the liposuction device as they have been found to make better grafts. During the fat extraction process, the butt is initially contoured in certain spots so it will stand out. Common liposuctioned areas include the back above the buttocks, the thighs and stomach.

After the liposuction, the gathered fat is carefully purified and processed by an operation known, again, as decanting and centrifugation. A small percentage of the fat that is removed is used for re-injection. In most instances, only a quarter of the extracted cells will be used. The fat is reinjected back into the butt with special cannulas at varying depths. Correct injection is important for a natural and smooth appearance.

While buttocks can be augmented using implants, the BBL will provide more natural-looking results. However, everyone’s situation is different and a qualified surgeon can handle augmentation with the utmost of skill if he has the proper experience and background.

Recovering from the Surgery

When recovering from BBL surgery, the patient must avoid sitting directly on her rear end for about three weeks. It is also recommended that patients not drive during this time. Plan to take at least three weeks off work and to wear a compression garment for the initial two weeks following the surgery. The compression garment is needed in order to control swelling. All normal activities can be resumed after about 4 weeks’ time.

So, have you made a resolution for Spring Break this year? How about breaking into a new mold? A BBL might just be the procedure you may want to pursue so you can better enjoy the beach or pool this coming June.

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