Chubby-Cheeked Transformations: What You Need To Know About Buccal Fat Removal

Dear Chubby Cheeks,

You have been with me my whole life. Please go away!


Disgruntled Human Being

No need to feel insecure or troubled by an unflattering, or off-balanced facial structure. There are options out their for you. You just need to know your options, where to look and who to trust.

According to Dr. Kaplan, buccal fat pad removal is a minor procedure that adds relative prominence to the cheek area. For optimal results, he suggests augmenting the malar area with hydroxylapatite granules. Here, he describes his technique.

ghavami_01Our technique of facial evaluation and the combination of these procedures: “Facial sculpting”, to achieve a leaner well-defined face. Since the current trend leans towards a leaner looking face with preservation of the inverted triangle of youth,buccal fat removal has become the treatment of choice. Many individuals feel unsatisfied with under-defined features and a chubbier, ‘baby-face’ like aesthetic. In order correct this condition, which has not naturally thinned out in time or with weight-loss and the aging process, this form and method of facial liposuction is performed as a solution to provide a trilateral cut, shape and contour to the target chin and malar region. Most commonly patients have a tendency to request the cosmetic treatment of buccal fat reduction because they have chubby cheeks in relation to the rest of their face and body. It is frequently hereditary, as diet and exercise often doesn’t the situation or their confidence levels. Reduction is often the better alternative to full blown removal for both medical safety and aesthetic reasons.

The procedure itself is not complex and involves making a small incision inside of the mouth and removing the fat. The fat deposits are located by marking several small incisions on the inside of the of the skin’s tissue. The surgeon then locates the buccal extension of the fat pad, which is traditionally very plentiful and protrudes into the mouth .The amount of fat to be removed is determined and the fat pad is removed using a laser or radio-wave device.  This is important as it seals the blood vessels and prevents bleeding which can be problematic in that area.  After the fat is removed the small incisions are closed with dissolving sutures The rounded appearance at the angles may further be reduced by injection of Botulinum toxin into the masseter if you are not completely satisfied with the results. The procedures need to be assessed appropriately in order to select the right combination customized for each and every potential patient, and the face needs to be literally and figuratively sculpted to provide the chiseled look of youth.

Ideal candidates will need to be evaluated so that Dr. Kaplan can have a full comprehension of the following points, including:

  • Aesthetic division of the face in thirds.
  • Fat deposits along the jaw line and submental region.
  • Fullness in the buccal area.
  • Bony prominence of chin and cheeks.
  • Soft tissue prominence over the malar area.
  • Bulk of masseter muscle.

Although the result is immediately noticeable, the final result won’t be evident for several weeks when all swelling is gone.  This procedure will typically produce a slimming of the cheeks in the area lateral to the nostril and corner of the mouth. The stitches will usually be removed within a week to 10 days after your buccal fat extraction surgery. The process may be uncomfortable, but not overly painful. Suture removal is usually quick. Although the injectables or fillers may be reversible, buccal fat removal is not — meaning, once it is out, it’s gone forever- permanent. It’s surgical intervention, requiring either conscious sedation or general anesthesia.


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