Reconstructing Your Breast Augmentations

As summer’s end rolls upon us once again, people not only have become more concerned with how their body parts have fit in their bathing suits, but also how they were able to maintain post BBQ season.  Nothing but perfection seems to be good enough. Large, perky breasts, tight/firm round buttocks, and a flat, toned stomach is what it’s all about. Obviously, most people are not naturally blessed with their ideal and desired assets which is why plastic surgery has become so popular. Breast augmentations are becoming a more and more popular trend with each passing year.

Celebrities have cameras following them ‘round the clock watching every move that they make as we joyfully judge and criticize. Paparazzi is out to capture as many flaws of celebrities as they can to appease our amusement. With all of this pressure to look their best, these media enforced celebrities must maintain a look that surpasses flawless. Therefore, many of them resort to cosmetic treatments. Breast augmentation is very common amongst major famous females.

However, they don’t always come out the way they want it to. Without taking the proper steps, you can end up with ‘botched breasts’. People who suffer from a botched boob job have a chest that is worse off than it might have been before. Some women request to large of a cup size and it just does not work well with their body shape. They then run into complications and an off-balance aesthetic. The most common complication that women often run into with silicone or saline filled breast implants are a rupture or deflation. Another common complication, known as capsular contracture, is the hardening of the breast area around the implant.

The Kaplan Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a full service cosmetic plastic surgery center that serves New Jersey and New York and is here to surgically reconstruct breasts that have been botched. At The Kaplan center, each patient is approached with imagination and artistry in mind. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gordon Kaplan, specializes in breast augmentation for patients in both New York and New Jersey. Whether your goal is to restore lost volume after pregnancy, correct asymmetries, or simply feel more confident in clothing and swimwear, a breast augmentation is a very custom and personalized procedure. They take every patient and assess them based on their body type.

When considering a surgical enhancement, something to remember is that taking shortcuts with beauty can have long term consequences. Never rush anything that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Take the right steps and be patient because results will come. The best way to prevent botched breasts are making sure you choose a board-certified surgeon because from a legal standpoint, you do not have to be a plastic surgeon to perform cosmetic procedures. Another way is to ask about the risks and consult with your surgeon before proceeding with the surgery in order to make an informed decision.

The benefits of a breast augmentation are increased fullness and projection of the breasts, improved aesthetic balance and proportions of your figure, enhanced self-image and self-confidence, or breast reconstruction after mastectomy, injury, or simply if you are not happy with previous results. The Kaplan Center ensures your procedure will be comfortable, safe, and rewarding from start to finish. Each person will go through consultation and the exact steps will be discussed with you to ensure your level of comfort and knowledge about the procedure.

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with getting rid of your insecurities. Complications or undesired results in surgery also can happen. The Kaplan Center is here to reconstruct your breasts to the way you desire them to look. Celebrities have been botched many times and it’s only normal for them to come back to have a reconstruction done. Do what makes you happy and do it right.


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