Scar Removal: Go Scar-Free After Halloween


After Halloween is over and you have munched all the candies, it is time to stop looking scary. Get rid of your scars before anyone asks you why you are still wearing your Halloween costume. A scar removal procedure may not remove all traces of deep scars but it will definitely reduce the size and make the scar less noticeable. It is a completely safe procedure that will boost your self-confidence, so you don’t feel compelled to hide away behind voluminous clothes.

How Do People Get Scars?

A scar appears naturally at the site of an injury, burn, cut, or surgical incision when the body starts to heal. The size and depth of the scar depends on the extent of the injury and the location where it has appeared. Usually age, your genetic make-up, gender, ethnicity, and presence of underlying medical conditions influence the healing process, so these factors also determine the appearance of the scar.

Acne can leave a scarred skin that ranges from a deeply-pitted appearance to angular or wavy lines. Various types of skin cancer also cause scarring, and some scars remain even after the cancer has gone into remission.

Why May You Need to Remove a Scar?
Not every scar is a cause for worry or shame. Some scars fade away on their own leaving no trace. Some scars remain as fine lines that do not distract from your appearance. Or the scars may be hidden from view by your clothes. But in some cases, scars from traumatic or extensive injuries are large and look unsightly.

Ungainly scars make you self-conscious. Some people have been known to avoid going outdoors while others dress up in bulky clothes even in the height of summer to hide their scars. Such avoidance behavior not only does not let you overcome your woes but can also dent your personal and professional relationships. Visible or ungainly scars can get in the way of your chosen profession, especially if you want to become an actor or a model.

Apart from the desire to improve one’s appearance and boost self-esteem, you may need to remove a scar just to be able to get on with your normal daily routine.

Keloid scars extend beyond the site of the original injury and can impede the normal range of movement in a person. Contracture scars appear at the site of burns. These scars tend to tighten the skin and sometimes, this may feel restrictive while moving. In case of severe burn, these scars are deep-rooted and may even reach the muscles and nerves. Hypertrophic scars have a raised appearance and may feel painful if you accidentally bump them against some hard or sharp object. In such cases, you have to go in for a scar removal process, so you can move around freely once again.

What Are Your Scar Removal Options?
Not all scars can be removed or reduced by applying over-the-counter or prescription gels, ointments, or creams. Again, some people are sensitive to topical treatments that contain steroids or anti-histamine compounds and cannot use these. What is more, these treatment methodologies do not work in case of deep-seated or widespread scars.

Deep or extensive scars can be removed surgically. Excisional surgery involves removing the scarred tissues from a specific site. This method is mostly used to remove cancerous cells and tissues that eventually, removes or reduces the scar too. Dermabrasion is also a popular scar removal method that is safe and has minimal downtime.

When Halloween gets over, you will want to shrug off your scary image and get ready for the upcoming winter party season. You wouldn’t want scars to mar your looks or stop you from making your moves on the dance floor. Go in for a scar removal procedure soon, so you have time to heal before you step out in your party attire. Let this be your post-Halloween treat to yourself!


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