Stop Looking Like a Witch: Think Kybella

Bid goodbye to witch’s chin with Kybella. (Image courtesy OpenClipartVectors on Pixabay via CC0 Public Domain license)

Bid goodbye to witch’s chin with Kybella. (Image courtesy OpenClipartVectors on Pixabay via CC0 Public Domain license)

After Halloween is over, there is no reason to go around looking like a witch. So ditch that witch’s chin with Kybella. Kybella is a non-invasive chin reduction procedure to correct the appearance of witch’s chin and double chin and improve your appearance. It is an FDA-approved procedure that is absolutely safe and has been proven to be effective in banishing ungainly bulges under the chin. It is also the ideal procedure to undergo when you are in a hurry to shed your Halloween look and get ready for the upcoming party season.

What is a Witch’s Chin?

Witch’s chin is caused by an ungainly deposit of fat under the chin that causes the tip of the chin to droop or sag. This may create the characteristic protruding-chin witch look or give you the appearance of having a double chin. The witch look is unfashionable after Halloween is over. A witch’s chin also gives you an aged appearance.

What is Kybella?

Kybella (or ATX-101, if you prefer its punchier title) is an injectable that is similar in structure and function to deoxycholic acid. This acid occurs naturally in our bodies, so Kybella can be safely introduced into the body without triggering harmful side effects or allergic reactions. Deoxycholic acid is known to melt fat in our bodies. So Kybella can work wonders to lessen the appearance of your double chin or unsightly deposits of fat that give off the appearance of a witch’s chin.

During one session, you can receive up to 50 injections of Kybella depending on the amount of fatty deposits under your chin. Each Kybella treatment takes about 15 minutes, and you may need up to six treatments to see full results depending on the severity. However, some people have had results just after two treatments. Kybella is a powerful substance that produces the desired results even in persons with moderate to harshly high amounts of fat.

What are the Benefits of Kybella?

Kybella is a non-invasive procedure to melt chin fat and is an alternative to liposuction. There are countless benefits of going in for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

The most obvious benefit is the downtime that you don’t have to endure. Surgical procedures usually involve weeks and months of downtime during which you cannot live your normal, daily active life. Sometimes, you may have to curtail your personal and professional duties in order for you to be healed properly. Most people wouldn’t want to be restricted in how they want to live their lives.

Scarring, pain, soreness, bruising, and swelling are the usual side effects of an invasive surgical procedure. So if you choose to have liposuction, you will not only have to go through a downtime but also endure the discomfort of these side effects.

Many people are uncomfortable with the thought of being gassed and then poked and prodded with a knife. Liposuction is not an option for them. Kybella melts the fat under the chin and lets them flaunt a more chiseled appearance without needing to be anesthetized and go under the knife. Kybella is perfect for you if you are afraid of needles!

What is more, a liposuction to reduce double chin or correct witch’s chin does not guarantee the results that you may hope for? Do you really want to go through the hassles of a procedure that has doubtful results?

The benefits of Kybella definitely make it a ground-breaking development in cosmetic surgery. This FDA-approved method is absolutely safe and does not trigger unpleasant side effects if it is administered by an experienced plastic surgeon. Kybella lets you flaunt a more youthful appearance without going through any pain. Leave the Halloween look behind, forget the witch’s chin, and be a new YOU this New Year!


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