Eyelid Surgery: Enjoy the Scarecrow Festival Without “That” Look

Eyelid surgery improves the appearance of droopy and heavy eyelids, removes fine lines and wrinkles round the eyes, and gives you a youthful appearance.


Get ready for the Annual Scarecrow Festival this October with an eyelid surgery. The droopy- and heavy-eyelid appearance looks whimsical on a scarecrow but not on you. You look aged and tired when your eyelids are puffy or there are sagging folds of skin hanging heavy over your eyes that may even disturb normal vision. An eyelid surgery, which can be performed on both eyelids, corrects these issues and gives you sparkling eyes and a youthful look just in time for the festivities.
What is an Eyelid Surgery?
Eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that dramatically improves your appearance if you have loose skin on your upper eyelid, fatty eyelids that make your eyes look puffy, bags under the eyes that give you a tired and aged look, or fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

During eyelid surgery, your surgeon will make several small incisions along the folds of your upper eyelid to remove excess fat, skin, or tissue. He then tightens the muscles in this area to define the contours of the eye before stitching up. The scars are only minimally visible because the incisions are made along the folds of the eyelid. During a lower eyelid surgery, the surgeon makes a series of incisions inside the eyelid and removes just the fatty deposits and not any skin. No scars are visible because the incision is made inside the lid.

The entire procedure takes just a couple of hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. You can go back home on the same day.
Eyelid Surgery Recovery Period
Because eyelid surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, the recovery period is short. The stitches are removed within a week after the surgery, and the results are immediately apparent. You will notice a dramatic improvement in the way your eyes have opened out and look radiant. These improvements will become more pronounced over the next couple of weeks and months. Take a look at some eyelid surgery before-and-after photographs to know what you can expect.

As it is with any other surgical procedure, some swelling, pain, or bruising may be present during the eyelid surgery recovery period. Your doctor will prescribe medicines to help you cope with the pain. The swelling and the bruising usually improve on their own a few days after the surgery. Some people feel tightness when they close their eyes just after the surgery. This sensation too goes away on its own.

During the eyelid surgery recovery period, you will be advised to follow some precautions to help you heal faster and improve the results. Tilting your head after an eyelid surgery tends to induce swelling. So you have to keep your head upright, possibly supported by a pillow. You have to also shield your eyes from bright lights and the harsh rays of the sun after the surgery and till you have healed.

Your doctor will prescribe eye drops to help you keep the eyelids moist and to keep away the itching that may be caused by dryness. You will also be advised to place cool washcloths over your eyes.

You cannot wear contact lenses after an eyelid surgery till the site of surgery has healed completely.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. For eons, writers and poets have penned odes on the beauty of the eyes. Droopy and puffy eyelids and crow’s feet take away from the beauty of your eyes. An eyelid surgery is a safe and convenient way to make your eyes sparkle and take years off from your face. Make sure that you follow your surgeon’s advice to a T after the surgery to achieve the results you desire.


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