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Has your skin been dealing with a lot of damage over the years? If you have skin that has been exposed to heavy sunlight, high levels of pollutants, or even just regular effects of aging, your skin probably needs a little help. It’s okay, and it’s not necessarily your fault. Even with the most upscale skin treatments out there, once in a while, we all end up having to do something to reverse damage that daily life can wreak on our skin.

In many cases, the daily wear and tear we cause on our skin can cause a rough texture, fine lines, or even discoloration. Depending on how much damage you have faced over the years, you may need to consider using laser resurfacing to help restore your skin to its fresh appearance.

Trying to get the right laser therapy for you skin often means that you will have to work had to determine which laser is right for your skin type, and which will provide the most returns for you. In terms of laser skin resurfacing therapies, none are quite as advanced or as effective as HALO.

What Is HALO Technology?

In a typical skincare laser, patients have to choose between ablative and non-ablative abilities. Ablative lasers are lasers that are designed to vaporize affected tissue away, leaving nothing but fresh skin behind. Non-ablative lasers are the lasers that work to heal the surrounding area and work to coagulate affected tissue in a seamless, easy manner.

In the past, this meant that many people would have to have multiple laser skin resurfacing appointments just to get the kind of results they wanted. HALO is the first hybrid laser to have both ablative and non-ablative technology in it.

What Are The Benefits of HALO Technology?

HALO lasers are considered to be groundbreaking in their own right, and truth be told, there are enough benefits to make anyone want to try HALO. HALO treatments mean that you will:

  1. Reduced deep hyperpigmentation
  2. Improved skin tone, flexibility, and laxity
  3. Have less fine lines and wrinkles
  4. Smaller Pores
  5. Fewer epidermal dark spots
  6. Have lower downtime after treatments


These are only a handful of the most common benefits of using HALO lasers for your skin’s health, which is precisely why the top plastic surgery groups in the country use HALO for their skin resurfacing procedures. HALO lasers are able to be calibrated to each patient’s particular needs, which makes them the most effective and useful tools in a high-end plastic surgery arsenal.

No matter what kind of skin issue has caused you to seek out skin resurfacing, HALO can and will be able to help you restore your skin’s health. When combined with the skill and attention levels that the Kaplan Center’s staff offers each patient, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular treatments that we currently offer.

Why The Kaplan Center?

The Kaplan Center is one of the very few plastic surgery centers in the area to offer HALO laser skin resurfacing – and also is one of the only to have a staff that is so well-trained, attentive, and caring. When you come to the Kaplan Center, we make sure to educate you about the entire procedure, what to expect, and how to make the most out of it.

If you’re looking for the best possible treatments for your skin, we have the tools and skills to make it happen – and are always ready to help you achieve the look you want. If you’re ready to see the benefits of HALO for yourself, give us a call. You deserve the best care you can get.


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