31 December

Four Things That Can Harm Your Brazilian Butt Lift Results

Friday 31st December 2021
With significant weight loss, natural aging, and the inevitable effects of gravity, men and women begin to lose the volume and overall tightness that their once youthful bodies possessed. With the Brazilian butt lift, patients can attain a younger-looking, slimmer silhouette by combating a sagging posterior with a natural and beautiful augmentation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan at The Kaplan Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery located in Edgewater, NJ provides his patients with a wide variety of cosmetic surgery options, including the innovative Brazilian butt lift.


What is a Brazilian butt lift?
The Brazilian butt lift is composed of two procedures: fat grafting and fat transfer. Fatty tissue is removed from other portions of the body via liposuction and transferred to the buttocks to provide a shapelier, fuller look. Common areas for fat to be transferred from include the abdomen, thighs, and hips, so many patients will also attain a slimmer waist while adding volume to their buttocks to improve their natural shape overall.


What’s the difference between a butt augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift?
The Brazilian butt lift is a type of butt augmentation. Commonly, butt augmentation procedures include the use of implants. Dr. Kaplan specializes in both butt augmentation procedures and provides thorough consults and exams to help his patients determine which procedure aligns with their goals and his medical recommendations.


What are the benefits of choosing a Brazilian butt lift over implants?
The Brazilian butt lift uses the patient’s own fat cells during the procedure, which means there is less risk for rejection and infection than implants. Additionally, patients can have unwanted fat pockets removed from other areas of the body, including the back, the hips, the thighs, and the abdomen, used for the butt lift. This means that the patient can achieve a slimmer silhouette while meeting their butt lift goals simultaneously.


How is the Brazilian butt lift performed?
The Brazilian butt lift is an outpatient procedure that takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete. General anesthesia is applied, which means the patient is unconscious throughout the procedure. Using liposuction, fat is extracted from specific portions of the body and purified in a sterile centrifuge system. The fat is then moved to syringes and transferred to the desired target areas layer by layer. Each injected layer is gently massaged to smooth the targeted treatment areas. This process is repeated until the desired shape is achieved.


Is there a recovery period?
Patients can expect some bruising, tenderness, and swelling after the procedure, and temporary loss of sensation in some treatment areas. After 4 – 7 days, patients can get up and walk around with some discomfort. To ensure treatment areas will heal properly, Dr. Kaplan will send patients home with a compression garment to be worn for up to a month after the procedure.


What four things can harm my Brazilian butt lift results?
To optimize Brazilian butt lift results, it’s important that patients to adhere to medical recommendations for pre- and post-surgery. Here are four things that can negatively impact your Brazilian butt lift results in Edgewater, NJ:
Participating in high-impact activities within the first month after surgery, such as jogging, running, or any movement that involves bouncing
Not wearing the compression garment prescribed by your doctor
Taking any medications or herbal supplements before and after surgery that is not recommended by your doctor
Drinking alcohol two weeks before and one week after your surgery
Dr. Kaplan and his expert team will provide you with a complete list of medications and activities that should be avoided before and after surgery to keep you medically safe and to optimize results


How to learn more about the Brazilian butt lift
If you are looking for ways to provide your butt with a natural, youthful lift without the risks that come with implants, callour professional team at The Kaplan Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Edgewater, NJ and schedule a consultation with Dr. Gordon Kaplan today. He will sit down with you and perform an initial exam, collect a detailed medical history, and discuss your personal cosmetic goals to see if you would be an ideal candidate for the Brazilian butt lift.