4 Best Treatments For A Sagging Neck

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It is no secret that the aging process diminishes firm skin. The older we get, the more our neck muscles and skin tissue begin to loosen, creating that dreaded sagging neck look. This undesirable appearance earns all manner of equally undesirable nicknames, including the most common moniker “turkey neck.” But whether it’s the passing years, our genetics, or simply gravity itself, many people notice a negative transformation of their skin in their neck that affects the facial appearance. Despite some common beliefs, these changes cannot be corrected by exercise and diet.

Luckily, there are board-certified plastic surgeons who are able to solve the sagging neck issues through various procedure options, that patients can choose which they are most comfortable with. Every patient is different and may require a different surgery than others, the best treatments for a sagging neck includes:

1. Neck lift

A neck lift, also called platysmaplasty, creates a more youthful neckline by trimming and reshaping excess skin and a tightening of the underlying muscles. Patients who choose this surgical procedure have excess or loose skin in the lower face that creates jowls, and/or excess skin on the neck directly below the chin.

The neck lift is a permanent treatment that can reverse the effects of a sagging neck, and ultimately take years off your facial appearance. It’s important to know this procedure is a permanent removal of the excess skin, that does not mean it stops the aging process. This is the main reason people choose the neck lift because it is only one procedure and permanent. The recovery process is very simple and straightforward with little downtime, about 5 to 7 days of rest. The incisions are made in the hairline behind the ears so it isn’t visible to others.

2. Neck Liposuction

Neck liposuction aims to control the excess fat in the neck that creates a double chin. This treatment is best for people who struggle with excess or loose fat under their chin. The liposuction strictly tackles the fat whereas if the patient has significant skin laxity, they are recommended to also have a neck lift, as the liposuction on its own will not correct the problem.

*Typically, neck liposuction and neck lift are performed together for the best results. When they are performed together it eliminates the excess skin around the neck and compresses the remaining skin, while using the body’s natural fat to fill the creases. Although some people only need one procedure, others benefit from both. This is something to be discussed with the surgeon during your consultation.

3. Neck Botox

Another treatment to diminish the turkey neck is the botox injections. This non-surgical procedure aims to smoothen the skin by performing injections into the platysmal bands of the neck that will tighten the muscles. This treatment focuses on the neck wrinkles more than the excess skin and tissue.

Patients will choose botox treatments because it is a non-surgical procedure that will be performed every 4 months. This treatment is also said to be a painless and easy recovery. This treatment is especially popular for people who struggle with chronic neck pain or neck spasms. The botox is injected into the muscles that stop the signals which can cause painful muscle tightening.

*Although this treatment works on its own, it is common for patients to resort to botox 15+ years after their neck lift or liposuction surgery, to upkeep the definition.

4. Lower Facelift

Rather than undergoing only a neck lift, some patients find better results with an added lower facelift. The lower facelift includes a tightening of the jowls, a more defined jawline, and a lift of the cheeks to make them look fuller. Although this procedure does not touch the neck, it finalizes the naturally refreshed appearance. Typically, the patients who have sagging jowls will begin to fall further into the neck area. Because of this, some patients start with the lower facelift to avoid the jowls sinking further to the neck. By doing so it could avoid undergoing surgery around the neck. Overall, the lower facelift creates more definition in the neck.

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