Restylane Silk at the Kaplan Center: What is this Cosmetic Product and How Does It Work?

Would you like to have sultrier, plumper lips? Would you like to fill out the fine lines around your mouth? If so, you may want to think about setting up a consultation regarding Restylane Silk treatments. This non-invasive therapy uses hyaluronic acid (HA), which is naturally found in large quantities in younger skin. Therefore, this naturally-occurring substance plumps up the lips and nicely fills out fine lines to produce supple and soft-looking lips and facial skin.

How the Process Works 

Generally, a physician, trained in dermatology or aesthetics, will inject Restylane Silk into the lines around the lips and the lips themselves. This application is performed utilizing an ultra-fine needle. The amount of Restylane Silk per session is limited to a certain amount per lip for purposes of augmentation and another specific amount for the correction of fine lines. A trained physician only uses a specified amount in order to prevent such negative reactions such as swelling or bruising.

What to Expect

In clinical trials, almost all the participants said that they saw a visible fullness or improvement about two weeks after a treatment. Because of the Silk gel’s smooth and small particles and because an ultra-fine needle is used, the results will appear much more subtle than when other kinds of augmentation, such as implants, are employed. As a result, the mouth is more natural-looking and refined with respect to volume and definition. After treatments are finished, results normally last a total of about six months.

Following treatment, side effects may include redness, pain, swelling, or bruising. However, these kinds of effects are generally mild and do not last longer than two weeks. If swelling does occur, it usually happens more frequently in patients who are younger than 35. Any kind of bruising generally occurs more often in patients who are over 35.

After-treatment Care 

The doctor provides patients with defined after-treatment instructions to minimize the aforementioned side effects. Your healthcare provider should be contacted if the side effects are still pronounced about three days after treatment.

In order to reduce the risk of swelling or bruising, doctors often recommend that patients avoid touching the treatment site or applying lipstick or lip products to the lips. Alcohol should not be consumed after a session too. Patients should also not take any kind of blood-thinning supplements or medicines a week before the treatment. Examples of medicines or supplements of this type include vitamin E capsules, fish oil, aspirin, ginseng, garlic tablets and gingko biloba.

Who is the Ideal Restylane Silk Candidate?

Restylane Silk treatments are designed especially for patients who are over 21 years old who wish to make their lips fuller or decrease the look of fine lines around their mouth without resorting to surgery. Restylane Silk should never be used by anyone who has experienced a bad reaction to drugs where in-hospital treatment was necessary.

Restylane Silk treatments should also be avoided by anyone with a bleeding disorder or by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Any sores, rashes, hives, pimples, or other outbreaks that appear at an injection site are a signal that further treatment should be discontinued.

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