Love the idea of a fuller, more youthful face, but hate going under the knife? You might want to hear about Allofill. Allofill is a simple, non-invasive alternative to traditional fat grafting that uses naturally-occurring allograft tissue to help fill out soft-tissue defects that occur as you age.

By simply injecting the allograft tissue into your soft-issue areas, Allograft quickly bypasses the need to get fat tissue from your own body via painful liposuction – and also delivers immediate results. Results with Allofill are immediate, and as your body heals itself, the fat injections get remodeled into normal soft tissue in your body.

What Does Allofill Treat?

Allofill treats fat loss in the soft tissue of your skin, regardless of where the fat loss occurs. This helps reduce the appearance of aging and also can help make your face more symmetrical in the event of facial asymmetry.

What To Expect

If you choose to get Allofill treatments in New Jersey, choosing the Kaplan Center means that you will get a customized consultation with a trained professional who will pinpoint the locations where you should receive Allofill. Prior to the treatment, patients will be told how to prepare and avoid bruising.

The actual treatment itself will only last a couple of minutes, with results being visible immediately after injections are done. Treatment is virtually painless, but if you have sensitive skin, your doctor will be able to offer local anesthetic. Once you’re finished with your treatment, you should be able to return to your daily routine immediately after.

Enhancing Your Look

Allofill is one of the leading alternatives to fat grafting and has long-lasting, youth-enhancing results. If you are noticing “hollowed cheekbones,” deeper wrinkles, or other age-related issues, Allofill will probably be a good match for your needs.


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Allofill at The Kaplan Center in NY and NJ

We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Allofill treatment. As a premier cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment facility in New York and New Jersey, we are well-prepared to serve your Allofill needs. To learn more about a Allofill treatment with The Kaplan Center or to request a consultation at our New York City or Edgewater, please call (201) 948-5475 or Contact Us to discuss your options.
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