Few things bring man joy like the ability to feel like a man. This is especially true when it comes to the luxury of being able to look in the mirror and see a toned, chiseled physique that looks like a Greek god. Contrary to popular belief, many men yearn to have a fit body that continues to look both athletic and masculine at the same time.

Though many diet gurus will tell you otherwise, the truth is that a toned body isn’t always easy to get. In fact, there are many men out there who simply can’t get rid of all the extra flab in a natural way. For New York City men that really want to have the perfect look of a six pack and more, High Definition Liposuction is the best possible solution.

What Is High Definition Liposuction?  

Regular liposuction is done by inserting a small tube called a cannula under the skin, then suctioning out excess fat. The fat that’s suctioned out is removed indiscriminately. With High Definition Liposuction, the fat is removed delicately, and is removed in certain key positions to help create a more sculpted look.

Simply put, High Definition Liposuction is the careful etching away of fat to help increase muscle definition. When regular diet and exercise won’t give you a six pack, High Definition Liposuction will. This form of liposuction can be done anywhere that could require extra definition, including the arms, legs, stomach, and thighs.

How Is High Definition Liposuction Performed?  

You will need to have a consultation with Dr. Kaplan in order to ensure that you’re a good candidate. If it is determined that you are, a day will be scheduled for the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia. Small Incisions will be made where the cannula will be inserted. Dr. Kaplan will then begin Vaser High Definition liposuction. During this process, ultrasound waves target fat cells which are then released from the tissue. This is an instrumental step in the liposuction because it enables the next step, “power assisted liposuction”, to suction the fat without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Once Dr. Kaplan is finished etching and removing the fat, drains are placed and the incisions are partially closed. You are dressed in bandages and compression garments immediately after surgery. The entire procedure can take around two to three hours. Post surgery, the doctor will offer you pain medication as well as post surgery instructions detailing how to care for yourself. Most people will fully recover within a month.

Who Is A Good Candidate for High Definition Liposuction?

Not all men who want High Definition Liposuction will actually be good candidates. Candidates for this specific procedure should be men who are in reasonably good health, are close to their ideal body weight, have time to recover, and also have expectations that are realistic.

Learn More About High Definition Liposuction For Men

Are you curious about what High Definition Liposuction could do for you? Dr. Kaplan can offer you all the answers you want to have, and also give you a consultation to determine whether you should take this next step.

Having the right plastic surgeon carrying out this procedure is crucial to its success, which is why so many people trust the Kaplan Center to give them the results they want. To find out more, call the Kaplan Center and book an appointment today.


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