Lip Reduction in NJ

Many people in NJ believe that their lips are too big and want lip reduction. Cheiloplasty is the medical term for lip reduction surgery. This procedure is not invasive and provides a solution to large lips that appear to overwhelm other facial features. Dr. Gordon Kaplan is a board certified surgeon who understands the art of lip reduction as well as the complex anatomy.


The main goal of New Jersey patients who are interested in lip reduction surgery is to correct abnormalities and redefine their lip lines to balance out the volume of both the lower and upper lips. Matching the size of their lips to the overall facial features is important for many individuals.


Lip reduction involves removing excess tissue from the lip area. The surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia, although an oral sedation may also be used to provide additional comfort and relaxation. The length of the surgery may last about an hour. The incisions are made inside the mouth, reducing the risk of visible scarring. After removing the excess skin and tissue, Dr. Gordon Kaplan closes the incision using small sutures, often made from dissolvable materials.

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