RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane Laboratories is a line of injectable dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid for the treatment of wrinkles or areas such as the perioral or periorbital, give volume to the face and also improve skin quality. These products also contain lidocaine hydrochloride, a local anesthetic that can be used to improve comfort during injection.

Approved Uses

The RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane range of products consists of unique dermal fillers with differing gel densities. The distinct properties of these products make each one specific to treating different areas of the face and achieve different results, from prevention of fine lines and/or wrinkles to remodeling the contour of the face.

RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane Treatment Areas

This line of products has been specifically curated for a wide array of treatments to the face, including but not limited to:

  • Fine, moderate and deep wrinkles in the face, neck and neckline
  • Volume in the cheeks, facial contours, cheekbones, chin, jawline and temples
  • Subtle lip reshaping
  • Under-eye correction and tear trough treatment
  • Skin revitalisation and rehydration of the face, neck and neckline

Ideal Candidates

  • Healthy men and women
  • Individuals who are realistic about their expectations
  • Those interested in giving skin a subtle, youthful, rejuvenated appearance without surgery

Why It’s Right For You

  • Offers instant, natural-looking results for up to one year with optimal treatment
  • Non-surgical. The injection can be performed in a brief office visit
  • Made with patented technology
  • Contains lidocaine for improved comfort during treatment

How It Works

RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane contains a naturally occurring substance called hyaluronic acid, which has the remarkably helpful property of binding to water. As the acid attracts water, it “plumps up” the skin, filling and smoothing out any surface wrinkles. In essence, it helps replace the cushion of fatty tissue that we lose as we age and as our skin becomes damaged by the sun’s ultraviolet light.

The patented process that is used to create products also makes it possible to meet the specific requirements for mobile facial areas. This technology works to preserve the natural characteristics of the hyaluronic acid molecules to obtain gels with high purity, close to the natural content of hyaluronic acid in the skin.


Most treatment sessions take only about 15 minutes. As with all dermal fillers, RHA by Teoxane is injected into the treatment area with an extremely fine needle. Any discomfort is usually minimal, although your physician may numb your skin with a topical anesthetic beforehand. In the case of known hypersensitivity to lidocaine or local anesthetic agents, it is not recommended to use lidocaine-containing products.


RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure. Patients can expect to return to work and other daily activities immediately after treatment. As with any injectable treatment, patients may experience some mild redness, swelling, and tenderness after the procedure, but the side effects are normal and typically subside within a few days.  Call the Kaplan Center or book online to request a consultation to see if RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane is right for you.

RHA Dermal Filler by Teoxane in New Jersey at The Kaplan Center in NY and NJ

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