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Whether it’s due to an injury that you sustained during an accident, or just due to the ravages of aging, most people will eventually feel a little joint pain from time to time. Though any type of joint pain is pretty terrible, there are definitely some forms of pain that are harder to cope with on a daily basis than others.

One of the most difficult-to-tolerate problem areas are your hands. It makes sense, when you think about how much we use them. We use our hands to wash dishes, drive, type on computers, and even enjoy hobbies like knitting. When you have bad joint pain in your hands and wrists, those very activities you adore no longer are as doable as they once were.

Scientists have worked tirelessly to find a way to end, or at least mitigate, serious joint pain. Over the years, this has led to medicines like aspirin and other anti-inflammatory agents. Today, the newest tool in the war against joint pain isn’t a pill, but a treatment in the form of stem cells.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a specific form of cells that are found in the human body. They are known for being able to heal and regenerate parts of our body from injury, as well as for their ability to transform into any other type of cell. Doctors call them “miracle workers,” and we’re inclined to agree.

When we age, our body stops producing as many stem cells as it once did. This makes the healing process difficult—and yes, it can also have a negative effect on our joints.

How Do We Use Stem Cells to Treat Hand Joint Pain?

Hand joint pain is often caused by a lack of healed tissue around the joint area, and it’s worsened when we no longer make enough stem cells to allocate to it. To get the stem cells, doctors will numb a part of your body and use a very sharp needle to remove bone marrow.

Bone marrow is rich in Mesenchymal Stem Cells, a specific type of stem cell that is strongly linked to regeneration. After the bone marrow is collected, it’s sorted out so that stem cells are isolated from the rest of the components.

Afterwards, the stem cells are injected directly into the inflamed part of your joint. Within days, joint pain will subside.

Are There Any Side Effects?

It’s very reasonable to be worried about side effects when seeking out new treatments for joint pain. However, there’s no reason to worry about stem cell therapy, especially not when prepared by trained professionals. The only side effects tend to be minor swelling and bruising. There’s also no chance of an allergic reaction since stem cells are harvested from your own body.

Why The Kaplan Center?

Stem cell therapy is one of the most technologically-advanced forms of treatment for hand and joint pain on the market. It takes both skill and the right equipment to be able to perform this safely and effectively.

If you want to feel the full effects of quality treatment, it’s important to seek out a doctor who has been specially trained to perform this treatment. At the Kaplan Center, we keep up with all the latest techniques used in treatments, and also make a point of striving for the best.

You don’t have to struggle with serious joint pain if you don’t want to. A single phone call to the Kaplan Center can help you get the treatment you need in order to live a normal life.


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