The Holidays are Over! No Excuse for Turkey Neck: The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery




You certainly do not want your neck to be associated with the Thanksgiving Holiday. If your neck can be compared to a turkey’s, then it is time to do something about it. That is why neck lift surgery is something worth considering.



A Lower Rhytidectomy

Also referred to as a lower rhytidectomy, a neck lift is surgical procedure that is designed to get rid of visible signs of wrinkles and sagging in the area of the jawline and neck. A rhytidectomy takes care of removing additional skin and fat in the lower facial area and excess deposits of fat just beneath the chin. Loose skin on the neck or turkey wattle can be eliminated as can muscle banding in the neck area, which can produce abnormal contours.
The loss of the contours of youth in the facial or neck area can occur for several reasons, including gravity, environmental conditions, genetics or stress. A lower rhytidectomy is often preferred by some patients as they are not ready to undergo a full facelift.
While their upper facial area may be pleasing to view, their neck may have taken on excess wrinkling (turkey wattle), jowl lines or a double chin. If your neck area does not match the appearance of your face, then a neck lift may be in order.

Other Complementary Procedures
Some patients undergo certain rejuvenation procedures in addition to a neck lift. For example, some neck lift candidates will also undergo a brow lift to get rid of a deeply furrowed or sagging brow. They may also elect to have a fat transfer to poof up their cheeks or lips or reduce any wrinkling.
Eyelid surgery is sometimes done at the same time that a rhytidectomy is performed. The surgery is often proposed to rejuvenate the looks of tired or aging eyes.
When electing to have a neck lift done, you must be realistic. While the surgery will get rid of jowls or a wrinkled neck, it will not stop the aging process. The procedure can only be successfully performed through surgical means.
You can apply non-surgical treatments although they will not achieve the same kinds of results. However, topical or non-surgical solutions can complement the outcome of a neck lift surgery. You really do not want to keep wearing scarves throughout the coming year or turtle necks past the month of April.

Now is the time versus later to get rid of the turkey wattle once and for all. Again, the idea of a neck lift is to remove any excess skin, alter or remove neck muscles. It is often combined with liposuction to get rid of excess fat or collaborated with Botox treatments to address any issues with muscular fullness or bands.

During a consultation, a patient should review his goals and learn about the alternatives. If you want to get rid of turkey wattle, the surgeon will typically make some cuts under the chin and/or behind the ear. This is done to access the platysma, which is the neck muscle.
In some instances, some of the muscle may be removed. Newer procedures today entail making smaller cuts during a rhytidectomy. An endoscope is used, in this case, during the surgery. The use of the aesthesia will also be discussed prior to a procedure. A general anesthesia allows the patient to sleep during the operation while a local anesthesia combined with sedation also achieves the same effect.


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