The Virtual Patient – What You Need to Know before You Book a Virtual Consultation  

Using today’s technologies, patients can now see before and after pictures on just about any part of the body. Whether you are considering scheduling sessions for Botox injections or wish to have calf implants, you can obtain the information you need to make an informed decision.

If you wish to set up a virtual consultation or VC, you can initiate a session by first visiting the plastic surgeon’s website. The Kaplan Center, for instance, displays a platform, “The Virtual Body,” which shows the patient various procedures and what to expect.

Setting Up a Virtual Consultation: An Introduction

 After reviewing the platform, you can set up a virtual consultation from the convenience and privacy of your home. In order to prepare for the appointment, you need to be prepared. Typically, the patient fills out a form that helps the surgeon decide if she is a good candidate for an offered procedure. The idea of the consult is to compile a preliminary surgery plan and set up financing arrangements before going into the office. Formerly, online consultations were designed primarily for out-of-town patients. Now, because of increased virtual activity, they are offered for all patients contemplating surgery or treatments for aesthetic and health reasons.

What You Need to Provide to the Surgeon

 In order to start the process, the plastic surgery office will need basic information. Also, you need to submit photos of the areas you wish to address. Again, during or before the consult, you can look at the website and see, virtually, what procedures are offered as well as before and after pictures. By using this approach, you can get a better idea of what to expect if you opt for surgery, In turn, you will not feel as pressured into making decision concerning the treatment process. List the procedures in which you are interested and, again, list and provide pictures of the of the body that are of a concern.

An Interactive Experience

 Usually, the plastic surgeon will spend about 30 minutes reading and analyzing each virtual consult form. The doctor supports his response with information he feels will be helpful for the patient to look over and analyze herself. He may also provide links to articles that will assist her in choosing, say, silicone, saline, smooth or textured implants. The whole idea is to educate a patient so she is fully informed before she comes into the office.

A lot of misleading information exists about plastic surgery as the field is competitive. Therefore a virtual consult (VC) helps to alleviate a patient’s fears and gives her the incentive needed to proceed with a procedure. Here, at our office, we offer VCs that are backed by honesty and professionalism. Patients should always feel that their questions will be answered fully and that they feel a high level of comfort and trust with the health care provider.

Look at the Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about a plastic surgical practice as well. While some controversy has sprung up about fake reviews, Google, in its infinite wisdom, will not accept a review from any surgeon’s IP address. The review must be sent from the patient.

One Final Note

 While a virtual consultation allows you to talk to a doctor in any locale, it still is important to be in close proximity of theoffice during the procedure, especially if the surgery is complex. If you are coming from another location, you should plan to stay for a while in the local area to make sure you are nearby for any follow-up treatments or concerns about unwanted side effects.


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