Upper and Lower Eyelift – What You Need to Know

If you don’t want to opt for a more complex or invasive procedure, such as a face lift, but wish to obtain a more youthful countenance, then you may want to consider an upper and/or lower eyelift. This particular surgery does wonders for men and women who wish to get rid of the tired look that can evolve over time because of the aging process.

You May be a Good Candidate for a Blepharoplasty

Maybe you are an active individual who notices your social media pictures do not correspond with your youthful lifestyle. It can come as a shock to notice one day that you no longer recognize that youthful guy you still envision yourself to be. In fact, those close-up Facebook shots can cause some eventual eyelift candidates to momentarily recoil. The image in your mind’s eye is suddenly at odds with the picture you have just uploaded online. Now is the time to make a resolution to re-energize your look with the medical procedure known as blepharoplasty.

While you may be able to tone your body from exercise, you may still cannot get over the fact that you cannot do anything about your droopy lids or the bags beneath your eyes. That is why you need to book a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Typically, if you are beset with one or both of the aforementioned “maladies,” you will be a good candidate for a lower and/or upper blepharoplasty.

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty – The Basic Procedure

If you want to tighten up the loose skin above the brow and get rid of bags at the same time, two incisions are made – one across the crease of the upper lid to tighten the loose skin and another incision beneath the lid so the skin can be peeled back to get rid of the bags.

Unfortunately, bags beneath the eyes do not occur from fluid but from the accumulation of fat. That is why they cannot be removed from any other means but through surgery. Usually, this type of procedure takes about two hours and the downtime involves less time than that of a face lift.

However, that sample scenario can be well worth your time and investment as the eyelids are one of the features that people notice first. As a result, both the eyelids and eyes are two of the most important aspects of an aesthetic and pleasing appearance. Any visible alteration in the size or shape of the orbital or the periorbital area can take away from one’s appearance.

Eyelids become baggy or droopy with age because of the stretching of the skin on the eyelid and a gradual decrease in muscle tone. As a result, those droopy lids and a fleshy brow can cause you to look tired as well as older than your years. Saggy eyelids can also impact the peripheral vision, which can be distracting if you are trying to read or drive.

Blepharoplasty, used for correcting saggy brows and lids, entails the repositioning or removal of excess tissue and the reinformemcent of the surrounding tendons and muscles in order to reshape the upper and/or lower lid. Therefore, technically, blepharoplasty is not actually an “eyelid” lift per se although it is often referenced in this way.

Therefore, the goal of blepharoplasty is to restore the functioning and aesthetic qualities of the orbital and periorbital areas of the face. This is facilitated by removing any excess skin from the eyelid area and smoothing the eye muscles underneath. The supporting structures are tightened and any excess fat is resected and re-draped to obtain a smooth transition anatomically between the cheek and lower lid. As a result blepharoplasty can be undertaken for either aesthetic or functional purposes.


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