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Home » Blog » Blepharoplasty For Men: What To Consider

Blepharoplasty For Men: What To Consider

Home » Blog » Blepharoplasty For Men: What To Consider

Blepharoplasty For Men: What To Consider

    The eyes are usually the first thing people look at when they meet someone for the first time. Unfortunately, they are also the first part of the face where aging starts to show.

    Many people consider cosmetic treatments for aging eyes to keep this feature, which impacts their appearance significantly, looking youthful and bright. Although fillers and Botox can address fine lines like crow’s feet and the “11s” between the eyebrows, there comes a time when so much excess skin builds up in the eyes that surgery is the only solution.

    Age starts to show in many people’s eyes in their mid-30s, with hanging skin in the upper eyelids and ‘fatty’ bags in the lower eyelids. The brows and upper eyelids become droopier and fill with more excess fat from this point. These changes cause “tired eyes” and are known to drain the appearance of brightness, alertness, and even happiness in the eyes.

    Whether you’re at the stage where your eyebrow and upper eyelid are starting to touch, or you have “pillows” of excess fat in your upper and lower eyelids, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is the most suitable way to address your concerns and restore your youthful eyes. Results typically last 10 to 15 years, but can last even longer for some people, according to RealSelf.

    Male Vs. Female Blepharoplasty

    Despite misconceptions that men aren’t as concerned about their appearance and maintaining a youthful, healthy look as women, many want to continue looking young as they age. Just as women notice their eyes changing with age, men become aware their upper eyelids appear heavier and more droopy. 

    Some men come to Dr. Kaplan seeking upper blepharoplasty because people mention they look tired or angry all the time when they are feeling alert and happy on the inside. Blepharoplasty is an excellent procedure for helping men look as lively on the outside as they feel on the inside. 

    Men have very different facial features from women, as their bone structure and facial anatomy lend them a more masculine appearance. Meaning cosmetic surgery, especially when it comes to upper eyelid blepharoplasty, cannot be done the same way on men as it is on women, as it risks “feminizing” their faces.

    How Is Blepharoplasty Different For Men?

    Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan approaches blepharoplasty differently in his male patients from female patients to preserve their masculine appearance and keep their eyes in harmony with the rest of their faces.

    A lower eyelid crease and a more level eyebrow arch are natural features for men to have even in their younger years, so as they age, this becomes more and more prevalent and, as mentioned above, can make them look tired or angry. Since men naturally have fuller and lower brows than women, which plays a significant role in a masculine appearance, during male blepharoplasty, there is less skin removed. 

    Plastic surgeons want to help men have more youthful eyes, but the eyes change in other ways as men mature. The blepharoplasty should appreciate this change rather than give them the ‘rounded’ eyes they had in their childhood.

    During male blepharoplasty consultations, Dr. Kaplan listens closely to patients’ goals and assesses their eye shape before creating a custom plan specifically for them.

    Can Male Blepharoplasty Be Combined With Other Procedures?

    Male blepharoplasty is often done alongside other anti-aging procedures to achieve comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

    Brow lift

    Blepharoplasty for men is often paired with a brow lift since men tend to naturally have lower brows that continue to weigh down with gravity as they age. If someone has heavy brows and upper eyelids, then combining an eyelid lift with a brow lift may be their best option, according to Dr. David Shafer via RealSelf.


    As powerful as a facelift is for lifting, tightening, and restoring the youthful contour of the mid to lower face, it leaves the upper portion untouched. Dr. Kaplan often recommends that his male patients pair their facelifts with an eyelid lift to achieve more balanced results. A lifted contour on the lower half of the face is incomplete with tired, worn-out-looking eyes.

    Neuromodulators and dermal fillers

    Adding injections like Botox or fillers to a blepharoplasty for fine line correction can promote dramatic results as the surgery alone does not address wrinkles.

    Laser skin resurfacing 

    Male blepharoplasty is excellent for lifting and tightening heavy eyelids but does not address skin quality. Laser skin resurfacing is a powerful treatment for addressing wrinkles and laxity around the eyes in conjunction with eyelid surgery.

    What Are The Possible Risks of Male Blepharoplasty?

    When done incorrectly, male eyelid surgery patients can end up with a round and almost doll-like appearance, a shape associated with femininity. Experienced plastic surgeons are extra cautious about the volume of skin tightening they do to the eyelids during male blepharoplasty to avoid this feminine look.

    Why Should Men Consider Eyelid Surgery?

    Competitive job market

    Blepharoplasty is a popular procedure with ‘businessmen’ who want to maintain the appearance of youthfulness and vitality in a competitive job market. Many men notice that they need to appear just as bright, alert, and excited as they are on the inside. Having heavy, tired eyes can be risky in the professional world as it can make men appear less motivated. A story by GQ mentions that men are accepted more in the corporate space after restoring their eyes with eyelid surgery.

    First impressions

    Looking good during first impressions also gives men a reason to want to restore their eyes. As previously mentioned, the eyes are the first feature people usually look at when meeting you, and when this focal point of your face looks tired, sad, and defeated may make you appear less approachable. You’re only as old as you feel, and if you still feel young and lively, why not make it show to those you meet by rejuvenating your eyes?

    Vision impairment

    Since men naturally have lower brows than women and continue to lower with age, some may have trouble with their peripheral vision. In this case, men seek blepharoplasty to restore youthful eyes and improve their functionality. Insurance usually helps pay for this form of blepharoplasty as it improves impaired vision.

    Considering Male Blepharoplasty?

    If you want to improve heavy, tired eyes without affecting your masculine look, request a consultation with New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan to see how he can help you regain a more youthful and alert appearance.

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