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Breast Lift New Jersey

A breast lift is a procedure to alter the position, shape and profile of sagging breasts. If you’re looking for a breast lift in New Jersey, please contact our team to organise a consultation.

Breastfeeding, weight changes, and aging all can cause the breasts to droop and sag. Breast lift surgery can help restore your breasts to the fuller, more youthful appearance you desire.

Breast Lift In New Jersey

Dr. Gordon Kaplan specializes in breast lift procedures for his patients in NJ. Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a procedure designed to correct sagging breasts, loss of elasticity, and firmness in the breasts. You may have probably thought about having breast lift surgery for some time. You’ve noticed when you look at your breasts that they are not as full as they used to be. You probably also wish you could look better in clothing and in a swimsuit. NJ breast lift surgery can be performed by Dr. Kaplan, who offers various breast lift options with techniques that are designed to address each patient’s individual needs and goals.

A breast lift addresses sagging and uneven breasts, decreased breast volume, drooping nipples, and stretched areolas- recreating a more youthful shape to your breasts. Every year, thousands of women in NJ undergo successful breast lift surgery, experience no major problems, and are pleased with the results. Dr. Gordon Kaplan has performed hundreds of successful breast lift surgeries for his patients in the New Jersey area.

Breast Lift Overview

Breast lift surgery can help you have fuller, perkier, shapelier breasts once again. In most cases, women with smaller breasts realize longer-lasting results from breast lift surgery because their breasts weigh less, but breasts of all sizes can be successfully lifted. Some women with smaller breasts and relatively little breast sagging may be able to undergo a less-invasive procedure like a doughnut mastopexy. Some women choose breast augmentation in addition to, or instead of, a breast lift to attain their desired fullness.

Ideal Candidates In NJ May Include:

  • Breasts that are pendulous but adequate in size
  • Breasts that lack substance or firmness
  • Nipples and areolas that point downward
  • Breasts that appear uneven where they sit
  • Breasts that are not equal in size
  • Breasts that are relatively small
  • You are finished with childbearing and breastfeeding. If you plan to have children, you may want to postpone cosmetic breast surgery. Pregnancy may stretch the breasts and reduce their volume, compromising surgery benefits
  • If you are in good general health, have a positive attitude, and have realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

The Procedure

In most cases, breast lift surgery takes between 1-3 hours. There are several surgical techniques for breast lift surgery, but the most commonly used involves an incision around the natural shape of the breast defining the area of excess breast skin that will be removed.

After the removal of the excess breast skin, repositioning of the areola to a higher spot on the breast occurs, followed by the skin being positioned around the areola and the creation of the new breast shape. Stitches will be placed following the shape of the incision around the areola, down from the nipple, and sometimes below the breasts. Women with only slight breast sagging and particularly small breasts can often undergo a doughnut (concentric) breast lift. This technique involves circular incisions around the areola and a piece of skin in the shape of a doughnut is removed. The breast skin that was around the nipple is then repositioned and brought together to form the newly shaped breast. In the cases of an implant insertion during breast lift surgery, the implant will be inserted either directly below the breast tissue or beneath the muscle of the chest wall. Dr. Kaplan will discuss these options during your breast lift consultation in his offices conveniently located in Edgewater and Montvale, NJ.


After your breast lift surgery, you will most likely experience some bruising and swelling, but it should not be extremely uncomfortable. Dr. Kaplan will prescribe pain-relieving medication in case you need it.

The first few days following your surgery you will wear a surgical bra over the bandages on your breasts. Stitches will come out in 1 to 2 weeks following your breast lift surgery. You might notice some loss of sensation in your nipples and the skin of your breasts. This is usually caused by the swelling following the surgery and, in most cases, disappears over 5 to 6 weeks. In some cases, however, loss of sensation may last several months or a year, and in very rare instances can be permanent.

You should anticipate not returning to work for roughly about a week following your surgery depending on your job requirements. You should also be careful not to do any lifting above your head or participate in sports/strenuous physical activity for about a month. Dr. Kaplan will give you detailed instructions to follow before and after surgery. It is important to the recovery and healing process to follow these instructions closely.

Potential Risks And Complications

After breast lift surgery, some patients might experience minor complications. These conditions are very rare and Dr. Kaplan will give you detailed instructions to follow to drastically increase your chances of prevention.

Scars are inevitable with breast lift surgery, although Dr. Kaplan will make every effort to conceal the scars as much as possible. These scars will fade over time, but they will be permanent. It is imperative to follow Dr. Kaplan’s directions both before and after your breast lift surgery to promote optimum scar healing.

If you are considering getting pregnant, you may not want to have your breast lift surgery until after giving birth because your breasts are apt to sag and stretch again negating the positive outcome of your breast lift surgery.

Average Cost: $6,000 – $10,000

Recovery Time: 1 Week

Average Procedure Time: 3 – 6 Hours

Breast Lift Surgery FAQs

Where does the surgery take place?

In most cases, breast lift surgery is conducted on an outpatient basis in a hospital or surgery center conveniently located in or around the New Jersey area. In the rare instance of hospital admission, your stay will be limited to one or two days.

Will I be awake during the surgery?

In most cases, breast lift surgery is conducted using general anesthesia so you will be completely asleep throughout the surgery. Sometimes, Dr. Kaplan will use a local anesthetic and sedatives to instigate drowsiness if smaller incisions are going to be made. Discuss this with Dr. Kaplan during your consultation.

Can I breastfeed after breast lift surgery?

Breast lift surgery doesn’t usually stop a woman from breastfeeding. But, if you are considering getting pregnant, it is recommended that you have your breast lift surgery after you give birth so as not to negate the positive outcome of the surgery.

Breast Lift At The Kaplan Center In NY And NJ

We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Breast Lift treatment. As a premier cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment facility in New York and New Jersey, we are well-prepared to serve your Breast Lift needs. To learn more about a Breast Lift treatment with The Kaplan Center or to request a consultation at our New York City location or Edgewater location, please call one of our offices or Contact Us to discuss your options.