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Virtual Breast Augmentation

The Kaplan Center is proud to accommodate our patients with the latest in cutting edge technology, the Vectra 3D Scultpor. The Vectra 3D Sculptor technology is available in our office — and now, it’s online, too. Your breast augmentation experience begins with the Vectra 3D photo session to visually showcase the aesthetic breast enhancements and procedures that may be right for you. Every body is unique; your breast augmentation will be, too.

Try Sculpt My Dream: Virtual Breast Augmentation Online

For the full Sculpt My Dream experience, please Contact The Kaplan Center to book a consultation. The online demo can give you an idea of how the Sculpt My Dream virtual breast augmentation system works, but it’s incomparable to the customized experience you receive with an in-office visit and 3D images of your real body used in the Sculpt MY Dream system!

Sculpt My Dream: Virtual Breast Augmentation

You can experiment with various breast augmentation looks and results. One Sculpt My Dream simulation will provide the basis for your cosmetic surgical plan, along with a personalized consultation at The Kaplan Center with expert breast augmentation surgeon, Dr. Gordon Kaplan. The 3D image and simulation helps predetermine your breast augmentation results, ensuring optimal confidence throughout the procedure to the outcome.

  • Use a 3D image of your own body.
  • “Try on” different size implants.
  • See the results from different angles.
  • Select the implant that’s best for you.

In-Office Breast Augmentation Consultations With Sculpt My Dream

The Sculpt My Dream virtual imaging system is perfect for women considering a breast augmentation. Making a major change to your body can be an intimidating, overwhelming experience. The Sculpt My Dream system allows you to view digitized, potential results of your augmentation. Combined with the experience and knowledge of Dr. Gordon Kaplan, you’ll love the fuller, perkier results of your breast augmentation experience at The Kaplan Center.

1: Virtualized 3D Imaging Of Your Body

Dr. Gordon Kaplan uses the VECTRA 3D virtual imaging system to take pictures of your body. This provides a basis for your virtualized breast augmentation using your real body — there’s no better way to estimate the results of your breast augmentation than using images of your own body!

2: Sculpt Your Dream Breast Augmentation

The VECTRA 3D virtual imaging system will yield potential results for your breast augmentation. With Dr. Gordon Kaplan’s expertise and the cutting-edge virtualization of your breast augmentation, you’ll be able to decide the implant size and type that works best for your body and the breast shape you desire.