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Lip Lift New Jersey

A lip lift procedure is designed to reduce the amount of space between a patient’s upper lip and their nose. There is a tendency for this distance to elongate as we get older, so reducing it can help the patient achieve a younger, more aesthetically pleasing look

Over the past two decades, the popularity of those choosing to enhance their lips surgically has grown by 84%, as reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Kaplan takes a sophisticated approach to lip enhancement through the use of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. To determine which path is best suited to you, Dr. Kaplan uses the principles of beauty to create a treatment plan that will achieve the most aesthetically pleasing results.

For those suited to surgical lip enhancement, Dr. Kaplan performs upper lip lift and corner lip lift surgery. This highly skilled procedure requires a nuanced, artistic approach to create luscious, full lips that appear natural and in harmony with the rest of the face.

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What Is A Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a simple yet skilled surgical procedure that takes around 1-2 hours. The procedure works by removing a small strip of skin below the nose to roll the lip upwards, revealing more of the pink tissue of the upper lip to create fullness and give the mid-face increased vitality.

Lip lift surgery is usually performed under local anesthetic. However, Dr. Kaplan discusses anesthesia and sedation in-depth with all patients to ensure they are comfortable while undergoing any procedure at The Kaplan Center in New Jersey or New York.

To perform lip lift surgery, Dr. Kaplan uses a technique called a bullhorn lip lift. This involves removing skin below the nose in a wavy shape, following the natural contours of the nostril, to shorten the philtrum (the distance between the nose and upper lip). Carefully considering the unique anatomy of each patient, Dr. Kaplan can customize the result by altering the structure of the lips to create a cupid’s bow, address asymmetry and increase curvature, depending on the patient’s goals.

The procedure has a very high satisfaction rate. According to RealSelf, patients who’ve undergone lip lift surgery have reported a 92% Worth It rating.

Who Can Benefit From A Lip Lift?

Lip lift surgery is ideal for people who are looking to permanently enhance their lips. In particular, those who have concerns with their upper lip are good candidates. While a lip augmentation can benefit patients of all ages, the procedure is ideal for mature patients who have noticed thinning lips that appear to have rolled downwards or younger patients who haven’t been able to achieve the results they would have liked by using injectable fillers. In general, we consider a good candidate for lip lift surgery someone who:

  • Has noticed a shortening of the philtrum due to the natural aging process
  • Is currently using injectable fillers and would like a more permanent result
  • Would like to enhance their upper lip but have been unsatisfied with injectable fillers
  • Has realistic expectations for results
  • Is in overall good health
  • Is prepared to follow Dr. Kaplan’s recovery advice

A lip lift can also be a complementary procedure to other facial surgeries. People who are undergoing facelift surgery can especially benefit by combining these procedures through an overall approach to lifting the face. By lifting the facial features at several key points, Dr. Kaplan can yield transformational results. 

Why Choose A Lip Lift Instead Of Injectable Fillers?

Lip lift surgery has several benefits over injectable fillers. As we mature, the distance between the nostrils and lips can lengthen, which contributes to loss of volume in the upper lip, changes in facial harmony, and an overall less youthful appearance.

While non-surgical lip enhancement and lip fillers can address plumpness and shape, a surgical lip lift is the most effective way to achieve a change in the position where the upper lip sits and a reduction of the philtrum.  

As a lip lift is permanent, patients can enjoy a full, sculpted pout without the maintenance of injectable filler. We find that patients who have used injectable lip fillers before a lip lift are thrilled with the consistency and convenience of the outcome.

Dr. Kaplan will guide you on whether a lip lift is the correct procedure for you or if a non-surgical alternative will be the most suitable option.


Recovery Time

Patients can usually return to work 7-10 days after lip lift surgery when sutures are removed and steri-strips are applied. After two weeks, the swelling should have subsided enough to use makeup to cover any residual redness. Scarring at the incision site should become fainter six weeks after surgery, with further improvements noted in the third month and the final result seen at twelve months.

Recovery Advice

We recommend lip lift patients frequently apply cold compresses, take over-the-counter pain medication when required, and ensure plenty of rest during their recovery period. To avoid scar darkening, we instruct all patients to wear sunscreen for 12 months. A fully detailed plan will be provided by The Kaplan Center to ensure you recover safely and achieve the most optimum result from your surgery.

Does A Lip Lift Leave A Scar?

It’s important to note that any time an incision is made, scar tissue will form. A lip lift scar will begin to fade after the first six weeks and is usually undetectable after twelve months when the final results can be seen. The scar is purposefully concealed in a discreet contour of the skin underneath the nose and Dr. Kaplan uses years of expertise to create as minimal scarring as possible. Every patient and scar is unique, which is why we offer this guidance as a rule of thumb. Some patients may heal sooner, and some may require a little longer.

Are The Results Of A Lip Lift Permanent?

Lip lift patients enjoy permanent results, unlike injectable filler or lip implants. However, the lips and face will continue to mature over time. 

These before and after images illustrate the fuller, natural-looking lips that can be achieved with a lip lift.

Why Choose Dr. Kaplan?

Dr. Gordon Kaplan specializes in lip lifts and has delivered fantastic results for hundreds of patients. His years of experience are vital when it comes to achieving natural-looking end results.

As a testament to his ability, Dr. Kaplan won Bergen Magazine’s Top Plastic Surgeon for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lifts for the past two years running. He also helped pioneer The Trifecta@ Technique, which is the combination of three machines: Vaser Ultrasound, MicroAire Power-Assisted Liposuction, and Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening.

Schedule A Consultation

If you would like to know more about lip lift surgery in New Jersey or New York, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaplan.

You can contact us via email ( or call our New Jersey office at 201-710-7771, or our New York office at 212-731-4543.


Can it be combined with other treatments?

Yes, lip lifts can be combined with facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and other plastic surgery procedures.

How much does it cost?

Lip lift procedures vary in nature and so the cost of a procedure naturally depends on the patient’s individual requirements and desired results. We’d be happy to provide an estimate for you, please get in touch with our team at the Kaplan Center for more information about a lip lift in New Jersey.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, The Kaplan Center offers several financing options and we can assist you in applying for financing through a variety of options. Our financing plans offer easy terms, 0% or low-interest rates, and other flexible payment options to best fit any budget.