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HD Liposuction: Everything You Need To Know

    If you have been in the gym several days a week and following a strict diet and exercise regimen for an extended period, you may still be frustrated with certain pockets of fat. Some of us naturally store fat in specific areas, and when we lose weight on the rest of our bodies, that lingering fat just won’t go away. You may have given up on targeting these areas because it has been deemed physically impossible to spot-reduce fat. What if you could push the boundaries of genetics and lose fat in those stubborn areas you seem unable to target no matter how much you diet and exercise? With high-definition liposuction, this is possible and can be life-changing. HD lipo allows you to show off the muscles and toned physique you have put so much effort into achieving.

    High-definition liposuction is a technique designed for body contouring. Using Vaser, a specific type of laser that uses ultrasound technology, Dr. Kaplan goes deep into the skin to remove excess fatty tissue and reveal your sculpted, toned body. Most liposuction procedures take about two hours but depend on the extent of the area treated. Liposuction is usually an outpatient procedure, but occasionally, patients may be required to spend a couple of days in the hospital. Dr. Kaplan combines his unique artistic abilities with his extensive medical background to sculpt patients’ bodies and give them the shape they have always dreamt of having.

    When you schedule an HD liposuction consultation with Dr. Kaplan, he will work with you to create a custom-built HD lipo treatment plan tailored to your body sculpting goals.

    Learn more about liposuction at The Kaplan Center.

    The development of HD liposuction allowed surgeons to target stubborn fat in areas that diet and exercise can’t seem to reach. The goal of traditional liposuction is simply to get rid of unwanted fat. While liposuction removes pockets of fat from general areas, HD liposuction gives Dr. Kaplan the ability to selectively remove specific areas of fat while leaving others, to create a more desirable contour with curves in all the right places. It is an excellent procedure following weight loss and having reached a healthy weight you believe you can maintain. You want to target those last few stubborn areas to sculpt your body and reveal the beautiful contour you have worked so hard for in the gym and the kitchen.

    Though the abdomen is the most common area for patients to have HD liposuction, it can target most areas, including but not limited to:

    • Lower back
    • Arms
    • Inner thighs
    • Chest
    • Torso

    If you’re looking for a weight loss solution, HD liposuction is not for you. HD liposuction is more of a finishing touch after you have already worked to lose weight through diet and exercise yet still have stubborn areas of fat. HD liposuction may reveal muscle and tone in your body, but it does not make you lose significant pounds. HD liposuction is a sculpting procedure, not a weight loss procedure. You should already be at or near your ideal weight, feel comfortable and view it as stable for your lifestyle. You are a suitable candidate for HD liposuction if your consistent efforts in the gym and kitchen have helped you reach your healthy weight and are close to your ideal figure. Now all you just need is that extra sculpt to allow the body you worked so hard for to shine without any stubborn areas of fat. Once you have done your part to lose weight, Dr. Kaplan will use his artistic eye to shape your body and give you the definition you were hoping to achieve.

    HD liposuction is not only beneficial to women. Some men spend years in the gym, eating clean but still, genetics prevent them from having noticeable abdominals. HD liposuction can help patients achieve more definition around their abdominals, a part of the body that is essential to look impressive when physical fitness is a significant part of your lifestyle. Both men and women come to Dr. Kaplan considering HD liposuction to reveal their abs hidden beneath small fat pockets.

    HD liposuction is a body sculpting procedure that removes fat and has a lengthy recovery. Your body needs time to heal and get used to its new shape. If your lifestyle prohibits you from taking several days off for recovery, you may not want to consider HD liposuction at this time.

    • Have a healthy BMI and are at a stable weight
    • Are already within their ideal weight range and have maintained it for some time
    • Have only a small amount of excess skin
    • Are prepared for the lengthy recovery period
    • Have realistic expectations of the results
    • Have unwanted areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise efforts
    • Are non-smokers in good physical health

    HD liposuction can be incredibly rewarding if you have been eating healthily and exercising regularly to lose weight and reach your dream body by enabling you to show your figure with curves in all the right places.

    • Helping reveal and define underlying muscle and tone hidden beneath stubborn fat that remains despite a healthy diet and regular exercise
    • If you have never been able to have a noticeable six-pack, it may be able to reveal it for you and change your life
    • Can massively impact your confidence
    • Results will be long-lasting if you take proper precautions to maintain them

    HD liposuction recovery lasts about one to two weeks. Dr. Kaplan will instruct you to wear compression garments during this time to reduce swelling and promote proper healing. You will need to take the first week or so to let your body rest. Strenuous physical activities such as weight lifting and running are off-limits until Dr. Kaplan clears you to return to them. The recovery period takes about two to three weeks. You should rest as much as possible and completely recover before putting any strain on your new, defined body. It’s normal for residual swelling to take a while to disappear and reveal your newly sculpted figure. You can expect final results from high-definition liposuction between one to three months following your procedure.

    Results from HD liposuction can last several years if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The fat Dr. Kaplan removes during your procedure is permanently gone. However, if you gain significant weight, other fat cells may enlarge and disrupt your HD liposuction results. The aging process causes your body to experience subtle changes over time, so the results will not be permanent.

    Tips for maintaining your HD lipo results:

    • Rest and let yourself heal during your recovery. Even if it is difficult to do with your lifestyle, you will thank yourself when your results take proper shape.
    • Avoid significant weight fluctuation.
    • Maintain a healthy, consistent diet and exercise routine.
    • Stay hydrated.
    • Try to limit excessive stress.

    HD liposuction can be combined with procedures such as Renuvion, a skin tightening, and rejuvenating treatment, to maximize your sculpting results. HD liposuction can also be part of other rejuvenating body sculpting procedures, such as tummy tucks, breast lifts, and lower body lifts. It can be a great addition to a mommy makeover procedure that removes excess skin and will significantly help patients bounce back to their pre-baby bodies. If you are considering HD liposuction after having children, ensure you are back to a weight you feel confident and comfortable with and do not plan on having more children in the future. The weight fluctuations during pregnancy can negatively impact the results of your HD liposuction procedure, so if you want to have more children, discuss other options for being confident in your body for the time being with Dr. Kaplan.

    High-definition liposuction is a revolutionary procedure that allows people to push the boundaries their genetics have put on them and maximize their physical appearance. If you are confident at your current weight and wish to just lose a couple of inches in specific areas of your body to create the defined figure you have always wanted, HD lipo is a great, life-changing option.