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Home » Blog » How Long Does Fat Grafting in the Face Last?

How Long Does Fat Grafting in the Face Last?

Home » Blog » How Long Does Fat Grafting in the Face Last?

How Long Does Fat Grafting in the Face Last?


    Because of new advances in cosmetic technology, there are more options than ever for facial rejuvenation. From implants to noninvasive dermal fillers, patients can enjoy a wide range of treatments for looking more refreshed. But if you have volume loss in the mid-face, you may benefit from a fat grafting procedure in Edgewater, NJ. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan takes fat from one part of the body and administers it into the face for a natural plumping effect. This includes the lower eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

    The great news is that fat grafting is less invasive than traditional implants and longer-lasting than cosmetic injections. While results depend on the individual, the experts at The Kaplan Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can walk you through the process during an assessment. Call our office to learn how we achieve facial rejuvenation and what to expect after treatment.

    How volume loss contributes to aging

    The most common signs of aging include wrinkles, creases, hollow areas, and sagging skin. However, no one considers the underlying root of these problems. Facial volume loss can cause all these issues and more. Many men and women can feel embarrassed by their features. It can be impossible to prevent or stop volume loss once it has started, but there are ways to reintroduce volume through cosmetic treatments.

    How fat grafting works

    Most people can boost facial volume through options like facial implants or dermal fillers. But as we mentioned, these methods are not always ideal. Implants require introducing a foreign material into their bodies, while fillers need to be redone several times a year. Fat grafting, also called fat transfer surgery, may be the better alternative.

    Fat grafting moves fat from one area and carefully transfers it to the face. Dr. Kaplan uses a liposuction technique to remove the fat before it is purified inside a centrifuge. Fat is then administered in layers through injections until the desired appearance has been achieved. Great candidates for fat grafting may have the following problem areas in Edgewater, NJ:

    • Fine lines and creases
    • Hollow cheeks
    • Hollowing around the eyes
    • Thin lips

    How long does a fat transfer last?

    So, how long does a fat transfer last? While fat grafting results are considered long-lasting, not all of the fat survives. It’s normal for some fat to be reabsorbed back into the body after treatment. This is why it’s important to choose an experienced specialist who is well-versed in fat transfer surgery. The right professional will use superior techniques and tools to make sure the fat looks natural and stays in place.

    Natural aging and some lifestyle factors may also change your fat grafting results over time. The Kaplan Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery can offer tips and advice for recovery, including avoiding placing any pressure on the newly placed fat. Remember to follow our guidelines and call our office with any concerns. Our clinic can always provide touch-up fat transfer treatments as needed in the future.

    Achieve a youthful look with fat grafting

    A fat transfer lasts a long time when patients follow instructions and choose a board-certified doctor they can trust. Dr. Gordon Kaplan is proud to help each patient achieve a natural-looking appearance with a custom procedure at The Kaplan Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. Learn whether you qualify for fat grafting when scheduling an assessment in Edgewater, NJ.

    The Kaplan Center

    The Kaplan Center is a medical practice ran by board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan in Edgewater, NJ. With over two decades of experience, The Kaplan Center specialises in plastic and reconstructive surgery for the face and body, along with a number of non-surgical treatments.