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Home » Blog » The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Liquid Rhinoplasty

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Liquid Rhinoplasty

Home » Blog » The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Liquid Rhinoplasty

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Liquid Rhinoplasty


    Liquid rhinoplasty involves injectable fillers to temporarily change the shape, size, and position of the nasal tip and hide bumps along the bridge of the nose. 

    At The Kaplan Center, we prefer to use the following dermal fillers for liquid rhinoplasty due to their shaping abilities:

    • Restylane
    • Radiesse
    • Perlane
    • Juvederm

    How Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Work?

    The volume added by the dermal fillers enhances the shape of the nose, promoting symmetry, balance, and harmony in the overall facial structure. You’ll be able to see the results of your nose filler almost immediately and should only experience slight swelling. 

    Is Liquid Rhinoplasty Permanent?

    No, the results from a liquid rhinoplasty are not permanent. Results from any procedure involving injectable fillers are temporary and gradually dissolve over time.

    How Long Do Liquid Rhinoplasty Results Last?

    The results of your non-surgical nose job can last up to 16 months. If you don’t mind returning for regular maintenance treatments every year or so, this may be suitable for you. But if you have a busy life and prefer not to require maintenance treatments, a surgical rhinoplasty may be the way to go.

    Can You Get A Nose Job After Liquid Rhinoplasty?

    Yes, it is safe to get a surgical rhinoplasty after having a liquid rhinoplasty, as dermal fillers dissolve naturally within about a year or are dissolved by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase. We sometimes recommend liquid rhinoplasty to certain patients as a “test run” to show what their results may look like before permanently altering the shape of their nose.

    Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Hurt?

    You should experience little to no pain during your liquid rhinoplasty injections. We’ll apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area and minimize the pinching feeling of the needles. You may feel some tenderness and sensitivity immediately after, but this is typically minor, short-lived, and manageable. 

    How Long Does Swelling Last After Liquid Rhinoplasty?

    As with any other injectable filler treatment, there is no downtime after a non-surgical rhinoplasty. Redness or swelling from hyaluronic acid fillers only lasts 1-2 days, so you’ll be able to see your final results from liquid rhinoplasty very quickly.

    You should avoid touching the injected areas, wearing makeup, intense exercise, and excessive sweating for 1-2 days after your treatment to minimize swelling.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Fix A Crooked Nose?

    Using fillers like Restylane can add volume in certain areas to correct minor asymmetries in the nose. However, if all your nose is crooked, you’ll probably need a surgical rhinoplasty to straighten the bone.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Fix A Wide Nose?

    Since liquid rhinoplasty involves adding volume rather than taking it away, it’s not the best solution if you’re looking to narrow down a nose. It’s more suited for concealing bumps, dips, and other minor deformities.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Fix A Bulbous Tip?

    Usually, this involves surgically removing excess cartilage, then sculpting a more defined tip. Since fillers involve adding volume, addressing the tissue that causes it to appear large and unshapely cannot be fixed with fillers alone.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Fix A Flat Nose?

    If you have a flat nose and want to make it appear more lifted and slimmer, injecting a thin line of filler down the center of your nose along the bridge may give the shape a more defined appearance.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Fix A Dorsal Hump?

    A dorsal hump, the large bump many people naturally have across the bridge of their nose, cannot be removed without surgery. Fillers can slightly conceal and flatten out dorsal humps by adding volume around them. However, if a dorsal hump is prominent, it would be better to have the excess cartilage surgically removed and shave the bone down.

    Can Liquid Rhinoplasty Make My Nose Smaller?

    If you want to reduce the size of your nose, you won’t be able to achieve your goals with liquid rhinoplasty. Fillers can alter the shape of the nose by adding volume in areas and molding it to improve contour, but they can’t reduce the size of your nose.

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Liquid Rhinoplasty?

    The non-surgical nose job has a 95% “Worth It” rating based on reviews from genuine patients on RealSelf. As with any other cosmetic procedure, though, liquid rhinoplasty has pros and cons. Choosing if one outweighs the other is ultimately down to personal preference.

    The biggest benefit of liquid rhinoplasty, according to Cleveland Clinic, is that many people achieve their goals without surgery.


    • Short recovery time
    • Immediate results
    • Safe and effective
    • Conceals minor inconsistencies like bumps and dents in the nose
    • Lower cost per treatment than a surgical rhinoplasty


    • Cannot correct nasal bone malformations
    • Cannot improve obstructed nasal airways that cause breathing problems
    • Not suitable for nose reduction
    • Results are non-permanent
    • Possibly more expensive in the long run to have maintenance treatments than to have permanent results from surgery

    Is Liquid Rhinoplasty Haram?

    Plastic surgery procedures meant to alter someone’s natural beauty may be considered haram or forbidden by Islamic law. While physical changes for the sole purpose of adding beauty are not permitted as they are altering something created by Allah, there is a gray area around whether correcting deformities is acceptable as it eliminates psychological distress, according to a study in the National Library of Medicine. 

    Though nose fillers are only temporary, choosing to change your natural nose shape will be influenced by your feelings, including your relationship with your religion.

    How Much Does Liquid Rhinoplasty Cost?

    The average cost of a non-surgical nose job at The Kaplan Center is $2,000. The price of your liquid rhinoplasty depends on the type of filler and the amount of product used.

    Am I A Candidate For Liquid Rhinoplasty?

    If you want to avoid the downtime and cost of a major surgical procedure while addressing concerns that make you unhappy with the appearance of your nose, a non-surgical nose job may be a great option. Depending on your goals, it may help you feel more confident instantly without undergoing an invasive procedure and enduring a long recovery.

    Liquid rhinoplasty is best suited for people who aren’t looking to reduce the size of their nose or drastically change its appearance but would rather touch up the shape. A filler can be an excellent solution for mild deformities like small bumps or dips on the bridge of your nose. Even so, it does have limitations and is not the best option for people wanting to address concerns like more prominent dorsal humps, deformities around the nostrils, or the overall size of their nose.

    If you are a good candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty with fillers, contact The Kaplan Center today to request a consultation with board-certified New Jersey and New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan, renowned for his nose reshaping abilities. During your consultation, he will analyze your nose and determine whether or not nose fillers will work for you or if a surgical rhinoplasty is your best option.

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