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Facial Sculpting

Proportions, features & relationships are everything. 

A great sculptor understands that their art is a harmonious sum of its parts.

They may say “I need to add more here” or “remove some from there.” But they keep their vision of the piece as a whole.

A world-class facial rejuvenation surgeon sees their patients through a unique lens.

They take care of all the signs of aging around the face. Loose skin is removed from the neck. Lower eyelid bags are reduced. Eyebrows can be raised and forehead lines and wrinkles reduced.

They understand that many small adjustments or “micro-procedures” are the keys to more youthful, natural, and balanced results.

They don’t try to achieve a holistic result by utilizing only a single procedure.

It doesn’t work.

An experienced surgeon, like Dr. Gordon Kaplan, knows which combination of procedures is right for you.

Dr. Kaplan has an amazing artistic eye. He is truly able to assess the entirety of the face as a sum of all its features. Patients love this.

They can finally communicate their vision for themselves confidently.

The way it works is that Dr. Kaplan will give a patient a mirror. Then the doctor can show you how different procedures will look on you. You can see what skin tightening, contouring, raising or increased volume will look like on your face.

Dr. Kaplan offers this in-depth, artistic analysis with every Plastic Surgery consult.

Every patient is different. You want to know which areas of your face to treat to get the best result.

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