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Home » Blog » How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

Home » Blog » How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?


    Neck skin is some of the thinnest, most delicate skin on the body. Over time, neck skin starts to show changes due to the slowed production of collagen and elastin with age, damage from environmental factors such as the sun and pollution, and lower functioning oil glands.

    If a dry, loose, wrinkly neck with muscle bands is making you appear much more mature than you are, a neck lift is the best procedure to contour and refresh your neck.

    What Is A Neck Lift?

    A neck lift goal is to create a slimmer neck contour and a more defined jawline. Procedure techniques vary depending on your specific needs, so if your concerns are skin laxity, excess fat, loose neck muscles, or all of the above, different incisions will be made. The types of techniques used during your neck lift play a significant role in the overall cost of your neck surgery.

    Sagging skin caused by skin laxity – Most patients with concerns over sagging skin in the neck are either in their mature years or have recently lost a significant amount of weight. During a neck lift to trim, remove, and tighten sagging neck skin, a small incision is made behind each ear and sometimes under the chin.

    Tightening loose platysma muscles – We may recommend platysmaplasty to define the jawline and chin if you need to tighten neck muscles. Platysmaplasty is not ideal for patients over 60 years old with excess skin and fat in the neck, as they would be better suited for a face and neck lift with liposuction.

    Removing excess fat – Many people get excess fat in the neck and under the chin due to genetics, age, and weight. If this, and skin laxity, is one of your biggest concerns about your neck, combining your neck lift with liposuction can sculpt and contour your neck, chin, and jawline more effectively.

    What Is The Average Cost Of A Neck Lift?

    The most recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that the average neck lift cost is $5,774, but this review is from 2020, and plastic surgery costs have increased since then. RealSelf says the average neck lift cost in the United States is $10,924, according to thousands of patient reviews in 2023. Aside from the cost of the surgery itself, a variety of factors determine the total cost of your neck lift, such as:

    • Anesthesia fees
    • Surgical facility costs
    • Medical tests
    • Garments for recovery
    • Medication prescriptions
    • Surgeon’s fee

    How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost In New York?

    Depending on the location and skill of the plastic surgeon you choose, you can expect to set aside anywhere from below $5,000 to over $20,000 to pay for your neck lift. Here in New York, the average cost is $11,788, according to the most recent reports from RealSelf. Your New York neck lift cost at The Kaplan Center may vary depending on several factors, including:

    • The extent of your concerns, such as the amount of excess skin in your neck
    • Whether you are combining your neck lift with other procedures such as a facelift or chin/neck liposuction
    • How long your surgery may take, as this affects anesthesia and surgeon’s fees 

    How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost In New Jersey?

    While we have an office on Madison Avenue in New York, we also have one in Edgewater, New Jersey. The average cost of a facelift in New Jersey, according to RealSelf’s latest reports, is $10,244, but again, this varies from patient to patient as no two necks are the same and no two neck lifts are the same.

    Are There Financing Options For A Neck Lift?

    At The Kaplan Center, we want to help you achieve the rejuvenated neck of your dreams as much as possible, which includes helping you afford your neck lift. Whenever insurance processing is available, our office works with you to streamline it, including the account handling. We collaborate with various financing companies to offer plans with easy terms and low-interest rates. We are happy to help you apply for financing and educate you on everything we offer. Learn more about our financing options here.

    Am I A Candidate For A Neck Lift?

    Most people seeking neck lifts are patients who have naturally developed aging changes in their necks earlier than their faces and don’t need a complete facelift yet. Others have already had a complex face and neck lift and seek a neck lift years later to freshen up their results and postpone the need for another facelift.

    Generally, you are a great candidate for a neck lift if you:

    • Have excess, sagging skin on your neck
    • Have loose muscles in your neck that cause banding
    • Have a “turkey gobbler” or “double chin” in your submental area
    • Have realistic expectations of your results
    • Are a non-smoker
    • Are in overall good health

    Is A Neck Lift Worth It?

    If aging changes in your neck such as excess, drooping skin, muscle banding, excess wrinkling on your skin, a “double chin,” or a “turkey gobbler” are causing you to feel self-conscious over your appearance, a neck lift can have a massive impact on your self-confidence. According to Better Health, low self-esteem can reduce quality of life in several ways. Investing in a neck lift to boost your self-esteem may improve your quality of life. 

    91% of patients countrywide have recently rated the neck lift “worth it” on RealSelf. The main advantages patients have noticed out of their neck lift results include:

    • Dramatic, natural-looking results
    • A slimmer, more contoured neckline
    • An improved chin-to-neck ratio, a more sculpted profile
    • Reduced sagging neck skin
    • Well-hidden scars

    If you are considering a neck lift to sculpt, tighten, and rejuvenate your neck, schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and get a full assessment of your neck. Dr. Gordon Kaplan in New York and New Jersey has decades of experience restoring patients’ confidence through face and neck rejuvenation procedures. Contact The Kaplan Center today to get started on your road to your dream neck.

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