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Home » Blog » Refining Your Profile: The Chin Neck Lift

Refining Your Profile: The Chin Neck Lift

Home » Blog » Refining Your Profile: The Chin Neck Lift

Refining Your Profile: The Chin Neck Lift


    Can You Combine A Neck Lift With Chin Liposuction?

    While the face and neck change with age, many people find that their necks age faster than their faces. While combining the neck lift with facelift surgery is popular, some patients consider this procedure on its own when they are not quite ready for a facelift because their upper face is not aging as quickly as the lower portion of their face.

    During a neck lift, Dr. Kaplan removes excess skin and fat under your chin and around your neck to reveal a more youthful and contoured neck. He also tightens stretched neck muscles through minor incisions to eliminate the appearance of muscle bands and deep lines.

    Chin neck lift combines chin and neck contouring surgeries to dramatically sculpt and restore the neck, chin, and jawline. 

    Neck lifts alone cannot remove substantial amounts of excess fat. Combined with chin liposuction, it can achieve more comprehensive results and better improve the shape of the jawline and chin. This procedure removes and tightens sagging skin, removes excess fat, and repositions stretched muscles all in one surgery.

    Submental liposuction is a neck contouring technique that removes excess fat under the chin and around the neck using a specialized cannula through minor incisions to slim down the complete appearance. Submental liposuction is an excellent minor procedure to add to a neck lift as it removes more fatty tissue than a neck lift alone and doesn’t require a lot of fat removal to make dramatic improvements. 

    Chin liposuction and neck lift are the most common combination of techniques used during double chin surgery. This combination is ideal, as they allow patients to remove unwanted fat under their chin, simultaneously removing and tightening the skin to prevent sagging in the submental area.

    Can You Combine A Neck Lift With A Chin Augmentation?

    Another popular procedure to combine with a neck lift during facial sculpting surgery is chin implant surgery, or chin augmentation, which can better define the chin and jawline and more dramatically highlight the youthful contour of the neck. It is a popular procedure for men rather than women, allowing them to achieve a stronger, more masculine chin and jawline.

    Both neck lift and chin augmentation refine your facial profile in a unique and valuable way, delivering highly transformative results when combined. If you find yourself with a recessed chin, weak jawline, sagging neck skin, and fullness under the chin, you can benefit from a chin neck lift with implants.

    Benefits Of Facial Sculpting Surgery

    As it brings harmony to the chin, neck, and jawline and promotes total refinement of your profile, facial sculpting surgery that focuses on the lower portion of the face has many benefits, including:

    • Creates a stronger jawline
    • Improves proportions of facial features
    • Creates a stronger, more defined chin
    • Results in a smoother, more youthful-looking neck
    • Removes jowls
    • Eliminates the appearance of the turkey wattle
    • Eliminates the appearance of the double chin
    • Balances the look of the neck with the younger appearance of the face
    • Removes muscle bands

    Am I A Candidate For A Chin Neck Lift?

    If you’re concerned with any of the following aging changes, you may be an excellent candidate for a chin neck lift:

    • Excess fat or skin around the chin and neck
    • Wrinkly, sun-damaged, sagging neck skin
    • Separated neck muscles cause the appearance of muscle bands
    • A double chin
    • A “turkey wattle”
    • Heavy jowls
    • Disproportionate facial features

    Aside from wanting to address the concerns mentioned, you should also be a non-smoker in good overall health with no underlying medical conditions that may impact your safety during surgery or your ability to heal correctly afterward, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You should also have realistic expectations when going into neck contouring surgery.

    To address more severe signs of aging in the neck, some patients opt for the deep plane neck lift.

    Recovery After A Chin Neck Lift

    After your chin neck lift, a bandage will likely be placed around your chin and neck to minimize swelling and bruising. If you decide to include neck and chin liposuction, you may also need to wear a compression garment around the treated areas to control swelling and inflammation.

    Depending on your surgeon’s preferences, you may need to wear a drain for the first few days after your chin-neck lift to prevent complications with fluid accumulation. Your surgeon will give you recovery instructions with details on properly caring for any garments or tubes provided after your procedure.

    You should arrange for someone to support you for the first day after your chin neck lift to ensure you arrive home safely and with your usual daily tasks around the house.

    We recommend you stay home from work and refrain from usual activities for the first week or two after your chin neck lift to give your body ample time to heal. During this time, you should keep your head elevated and avoid twisting or bending your neck excessively. To minimize discomfort, closely follow the pain medication regimen provided by your surgical team.

    While your smile may temporarily appear slightly different following surgery if you decide to include a chin implant, your smile will not change in the long term, and you’ll eventually be able to enjoy both your natural expressions and your defined chin.

    Avoid strenuous exercise for the first few weeks after your chin and neck sculpting surgery. Returning to more demanding activities too soon can disrupt your body’s healing process.

    Your tissues will continue to heal, and your newly sculpted chin and neck will gradually become visible over the following months. You should see most of your final results after about a month, and they will continue to improve over the following months, according to RealSelf. If you take care of your skin and avoid weight fluctuations, your results should be long-lasting.

    Are you ready to sculpt your neck, jawline, and chin and refine your profile? Request a consultation with Dr. Gordon Kaplan, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York and New Jersey specializing in facial rejuvenation, to discover if a chin neck lift is right for you.

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