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Home » Blog » The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery For Men

The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery For Men

Home » Blog » The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery For Men

The Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery For Men


    Why Might Men Consider A Neck Lift?

    The neck lift is a popular procedure for men who want to restore a youthful appearance while preserving their natural contour. They usually consider this rejuvenation procedure to remove excess skin and fat around the chin and jawline for a more defined and youthful-looking neck contour. 

    A strong jawline and contoured neck are essential to many men’s self-image, representing masculinity and peak physique. Once the jawline begins to soften, as skin and fat start to sag, typically after 40, men seek ways to restore and maintain their dominant features. Younger patients who age prematurely or naturally store more tissue in the neck area can also benefit from a neck lift for men.

    Ideal candidates for male neck lifts have loose, sagging skin in the neck area, giving them jowls, a double chin, and a “turkey wattle” that conceals their youthful neck contour.

    Another aging change prompting someone to consider a neck lift for men is to improve nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines. While a neck lift alone can correct the bottom of the folds that move into the jawline and worsen jowls, we typically recommend patients with more advanced smile lines combine their neck lift for men with a face lift or a non-surgical rejuvenation treatment such as Botox.

    How Is A Neck Lift Different For Men Than Women?

    Men naturally tend to have heavier neck skin than women and store more skin and fat in this area over time, which requires Dr. Kaplan to remove a more substantial amount of skin during neck lifts for men. With this heavier skin weight, the underlying muscles within men’s necks tend to need more tightening and readjusting than women during cosmetic neck surgery.

    During a neck lift for men, well-hidden incisions are made behind the ears to minimize visible scarring after surgery. One of the main reasons men tend to avoid cosmetic surgery on the face is their fear of scars showing due to their short hair, so Dr. Kaplan is very precise about creating thin, easily concealed incision lines within the natural folds behind the ears.

    Most women have a neck lift in combination with a facelift for total rejuvenation of their lower face and neck. Many men, however, usually avoid facelifts because they feel that their scars would be visible around their hairline. While a neck lift for men does not address the face other than around the jawline, this procedure is an excellent way to look and feel rejuvenated without worrying about noticeable scars.

    Through the incisions behind the ear, plastic surgeons remove excess fat and skin in the neck to tighten and smooth out the neck area. 

    As previously mentioned, combining other less invasive facial rejuvenation treatments such as injectables or lasers with neck lifts for men helps to smooth out wrinkles in the lower face and neck and redefine the jawline and neck in areas of sagging.

    To enhance their masculine features further, many men combine their neck lifts with a chin augmentation, enhancing the chin either surgically with chin implants or non-surgically with dermal fillers.

    Some men who prefer no scarring can rejuvenate their necks with non-surgical treatments, although the results are less dramatic and shorter-lasting.

    To ensure you get the best results possible during your male neck lift, you should find a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in neck lifting who has expertise on how to tailor the neck lift to the concerns and goals of men.

    What Is Recovery Like After A Male Neck Lift?

    Men typically need to take more time away from their usual activities after neck lift than women. Due to their thicker skin, the recovery process is longer as they have more intense swelling and bruising around their jawline and neck area for an extended period.

    As with recovery after a neck lift for women, men can expect initial swelling and bruising to resolve naturally. It’s normal to feel tightness around the neck for up to a few months after a neck lift for men. Recovery may be more advanced for men who get the deep plane neck lift.  

    According to Medical News Today, most patients can return to work and usual activities within 2 weeks after neck surgery. While it may be safe to do so, you should know that swelling and bruising will likely still be noticeable when you initially return to work and daily activities after the neck lift. 

    We typically recommend taking at least three weeks away from strenuous exercise after neck lifts for men to ensure proper healing and avoid post-operative complications.

    Benefits of Neck Lift For Men

    Neck lift for men is an excellent solution to remove excess skin and fat, tighten up the underlying muscles, and smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the neck, chin, and jawline area. It can be a substantial confidence booster for men as it gives them a more defined jawline and rejuvenates the youthful appearance of their lower face and neck.

    According to reviews from over 600 patients on RealSelf, most men share that their neck lift significantly boosted their confidence by addressing their turkey neck and sculpting their jawline.

    Key benefits of neck lift for men include:

    • Targets and removes stubborn fat that by exercise or diet cannot
    • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the neck
    • Removes the “turkey wattle”
    • Tightens up the double-chin and jowls
    • Readjusts and tightens underlying muscles to smooth out muscle banding
    • Sculpts and contours the appearance of the neck, chin, and jawline
    • Improves confidence
    • Leaves minimal scarring

    Are you interested in a neck lift for men to restore your youthful appearance while preserving your masculine features? Request a consultation with NJ and NY plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan, who specializes in tailoring neck lifts for men.

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