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Home » Blog » What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

Home » Blog » What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

What Is A Mini Neck Lift?


    What’s The Difference Between A Mini Neck Lift And A Neck Lift?

    During a mini neck lift, also called a Single Incision Minimally Invasive (SIMI) neck lift, chin tuck, chin lift, or submentoplasty, a well-hidden horizontal incision is made underneath the chin to remove excess neck fat and tighten the underlying muscles. Incisions are also made behind the ears so the surgeon can tighten the neck muscles laterally. Excess skin can be removed during this procedure using a skin tightening device if it’s minor, but substantial excess skin may require a traditional neck lift with deeper, lengthier incisions.

    Both a neck lift and a mini neck lift address fat and muscle. A mini neck lift, however, involves only a minor incision behind the chin and well-hidden incisions behind the ears. 

    The removal of excess fat with liposuction and the tightening and repositioning of the platysma (neck muscle) is through the chin incision. 

    This tightening of the neck muscles is known as corset platysmaplasty and involves the tightening of the platysma like a corset.

    The main difference between a neck lift and a mini neck lift is that the mini does not address substantial amounts of skin. Minor excess skin, on the other hand, can be well-hidden during a mini neck lift by redraping the neck skin and smoothing out the appearance, according to RealSelf

    Since this less invasive neck tightening procedure involves fewer, shorter incisions and less trauma to delicate tissue than a traditional neck lift, it lasts only about an hour and a half to two hours and has a faster recovery time.

    After your less invasive neck lift surgery, you will have a support garment beneath your chin or drains to prevent hematoma formation or accumulation of blood.

    Most patients take about a week off work or normal activities, and you must wear your supportive neck dressing for the best healing this first week.

    Most patients experience a relatively speedy and seamless recovery after a neck tuck. Pain medications provided by your doctor will manage any initial discomfort. Follow any instructions from your doctor carefully to avoid complications. These post-op instructions typically involve avoiding strenuous activities for a few weeks, getting plenty of rest, and keeping your head elevated.

    Am I A Candidate For A Mini Neck Lift?

    If you are just starting to notice some mild sagging skin around your chin and neck, you may be the perfect candidate for a SIMI neck lift.  For people with less excess skin to remove, it is an option without having more invasive surgery, as shown in a study by the National Library of Medicine.

    Typical patients for this less invasive neck contouring surgery are about 30-50 with mild drooping, platysmal bands, and excess skin and fat in their chin and neck area. They may have what are known as double chins or turkey necks, but their skin is still elastic. While a chin lift can address early jowling, it is not a realistic solution for people with heavier necks, more severe sagging skin, and laxity, Aedit says. In these cases, a full neck lift, likely in combination with a facelift, is a better answer. The deep plane neck lift is also an excellent option for more severe laxity.

    Mini neck lift candidates are in good overall health, are non-smokers, and can maintain a stable weight without drastic fluctuations. 

    In some cases, patients who aren’t quite ready for a full neck contouring surgical procedure can benefit from a non-surgical neck tightening procedure such as RF microneedling, laser skin tightening, or PDO threads.

    How Long Does A Mini Neck Lift Last?

    As long as you use sunscreen and limit sun exposure to prevent sun damage to your neck skin and avoid dramatic weight fluctuations, you should be able to enjoy your mini neck lift results for up to 5-8 years. 

    As it is a less invasive procedure than traditional neck contouring surgery, the results of a mini are unfortunately not as long-lasting. Everyone has different skin and lifestyles, but by the 8-year mark, if not much sooner, people start to notice sagging skin and fat around their neck, chin, and jawline again and consider getting a repeat procedure.

    Once it is time for a revision neck tightening procedure, you’ll likely need a full neck lift as your skin has aged more.

    Benefits Of A Mini Neck Lift

    A mini neck lift postpones your need for invasive neck tightening surgery. Scars are unnoticeable to most people as they are hidden beneath your chin and behind your ears. Many patients can wear a ponytail in their hair or maintain a short haircut without noticeable scars.

    We may recommend injectable fillers or chin implants to enhance the chin and jawline for added benefits. Combining liposuction with a mini neck lift to remove excess and bulging fat below the chin is quite common. Removing this fat reveals the neck contour and rejuvenates the appearance of the neck, chin, and jawline.

    Benefits of the mini lift for the neck include:

    • Reduces sagging
    • Defines the jawline
    • Shorter recovery
    • Smaller incisions
    • Improves the neck contour
    • Tightens underlying muscles
    • Reduces submental fat
    • Targets that diet and exercise cannot

    Is A Mini Neck Lift Worth It?

    Most patients are satisfied with their results after mini neck lifts. We recommend consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in neck lifts who can carefully customize the procedure to your goals and achieve the best results. Successful results depend on good communication with your surgeon about realistic expectations and proper aftercare. Giving yourself time to heal is essential, so listen closely to your doctor’s post-op instructions. 

    Almost immediately after your mini lift, you’ll notice a more defined jawline and a slimmer, smoother, more sculpted neck. Results continue to improve throughout your recovery as the swelling goes down.

    re you ready to take years off the appearance of your neck? Find out if a mini neck lift is powerful enough for your concerns by requesting a consultation with Dr. Gordon Kaplan, a NY and NJ board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in facial rejuvenation.

    The Kaplan Center

    The Kaplan Center is a medical practice ran by board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan in Edgewater, NJ. With over two decades of experience, The Kaplan Center specialises in plastic and reconstructive surgery for the face and body, along with a number of non-surgical treatments.