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Lip Lift New York

With age, the distance between the upper lip and the nose elongates. This distance is known as the philtrum. Some people may naturally have a longer philtrum at a young age due to genetics. A lip lift can reduce this space to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing, youthful look.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the popularity of people seeking to enhance their lips surgically has increased by 84% over the past two decades. Patients usually end up happy with their results, too, with the procedure ranking a 91% “Worth It” rating on RealSelf.

About Lip Lift New York

Skilled in surgical and non-surgical lip enhancement procedures, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan determines which path is most suitable for you with the principles of beauty and the balance of your natural features in mind.

If you and Dr. Kaplan decide surgical lip enhancement is the best option, he will help you achieve your goals with an upper lip lift and a corner lip lift. This meticulous procedure requires the hands of a highly skilled plastic surgeon such as Dr. Kaplan to apply a precise, artistic approach to add fullness to your lips while maintaining harmony with the rest of the face.

What Is A Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a straightforward, minor surgical procedure that includes removing a small portion of skin below the nose and elevating the lip upwards. The procedure’s goal is to reveal more of the pink tissue of the upper lip to create the appearance of fuller lips.

Lip lift surgery takes about 1-2 hours in-office and is usually under local anesthesia. Dr. Kaplan discusses anesthesia and sedation options in-depth with all patients to ensure they are comfortable during any procedure at The Kaplan Center in New Jersey or New York.

Lip Lift Techniques

There is a wide variety of lip lift techniques, but Dr. Kaplan typically uses one known as the bullhorn lip lift. This procedure involves removing skin below the nose following the natural contours of the nostril and rolling the top lip upward to shorten the philtrum and add natural fullness to the lips.

Dr. Kaplan decides the best technique for each patient depending on their unique anatomy and specific goals. Other types of lip lift techniques include:

Direct “gullwing” lip lift – The outer skin of the upper lip is pulled upwards closer to the nose. A thin strip of skin is then removed from the area above the upper lip to pull the central part of the lip upward.

Central lip lift – An incision is made directly under the nose to remove a small amount of skin at the lower part of the nose, creating the illusion of added volume to the upper lip. 

Corner lip lift –  Incisions are made at both corners of the mouth to remove a small portion of the skin and lift a downturned upper lip just a few millimeters higher.

Italian lip lift – Two incisions are made below each nostril to remove excess skin.

Am I A Candidate For A Lip Lift?

You may be a good candidate for lip surgery if you wish to enhance your lips permanently, especially your upper lip. The lip lift can benefit people of all ages, both mature patients whose lips have thinned and rolled downward and younger patients who no longer want to go the temporary route of injectables.

Good candidates for lip lift surgery:

  • Notice a shortening of the philtrum due to the natural aging process
  • Desire a more permanent result than fillers
  • Have been unsatisfied with their results from injectable fillers
  • Have realistic expectations 
  • Are in overall good health
  • Are prepared for recovery
  • May be undergoing facelift surgery and opt to combine these procedures for well-rounded facial rejuvenation

Lip Lift vs. Injectable Fillers

The benefits of lip lift surgery over injectable fillers include:

  • Permanent results without needing to keep up with maintenance treatments
  • Changes the position where the upper lip sits to reduce the philtrum rather than temporarily adding volume to create the illusion that it’s shortened

Lip Lift New York Recovery

You should be able to return to work 7-10 days after lip lift surgery. Swelling subsides after about two weeks, and you can use makeup to hide any residual redness at this stage.

We recommend applying cold compresses, taking over-the-counter pain medication, and resting during your lip lift recovery. To ensure your scars heal well without darkening, we ask all patients to apply sunscreen diligently for 12 months and continue to wear it regularly after that period.

The Kaplan Center provides a fully detailed recovery plan for all patients to ensure a safe recovery and the best results.

Does A Lip Lift Leave A Scar?

There are incisions with any surgery, and scar tissue is bound to form. However, a lip lift scar is well-hidden in the contours underneath the nose, and Dr. Kaplan uses his over 20 years of expertise to create as minimal scarring as possible.

Scars gradually fade, with noticeable improvements at about six weeks post-op, further improvements in the third month, and final results at twelve months.

Are Lip Lift Results Permanent?

Unlike injectable fillers or lip implants, lip lift results last forever, but as the face naturally ages following the procedure, the lips may begin to lose the youthful appearance provided.

Lip Lift NY Before & After Photos

These before and after images illustrate the fuller, natural-looking lips achieved with a lip lift.

Why Choose Dr. Kaplan for Lip Lift NY?

Dr. Gordon Kaplan specializes in lip lifts and has delivered fantastic results for hundreds of patients. His years of experience are vital when it comes to achieving natural-looking results.

As a testament to his ability, Dr. Kaplan won Bergen Magazine’s Top Plastic Surgeon for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty and Brazilian Butt Lifts for the past two years running. He also helped pioneer The Trifecta@ Technique, which combines three machines: Vaser Ultrasound, MicroAire Power-Assisted Liposuction, and Renuvion J-Plasma Skin Tightening.

Schedule A Consultation

If you want to know more about lip lift surgery in New York, the next step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kaplan.

You can contact us via email ( or call our New Jersey office at 201-710-7771, or our New York office at 212-731-4543.


Can A Lip Lift Be Combined With Other Treatments?

Yes. You can combine lip lifts with facelifts, neck lifts, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and other cosmetic procedures.

How Much Does A Lip Lift Cost?

The cost of a lip lift depends on the extent of surgery required to achieve your desired results. We’d be happy to provide an estimate for you. Please contact our team at the Kaplan Center for more information about a lip lift in New Jersey.

Do you offer financing options?

Yes, The Kaplan Center offers several financing options, and we can assist you in applying for financing through several options. Our financing plans offer easy terms, 0% or low-interest rates, and other flexible payment options to fit any budget.