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Home » Blog » Mini Facelift Cost Breakdown

Mini Facelift Cost Breakdown

Home » Blog » Mini Facelift Cost Breakdown

Mini Facelift Cost Breakdown


    How Much Does A Mini Facelift Cost?

    The mini facelift, which tightens and restores the lower face and jawline for a more youthful appearance, is a less invasive alternative to a traditional facelift. While it may not be powerful enough to address everyone’s needs, it can be a quicker, less expensive option for younger people to rejuvenate their faces or prevent noticeable aging.

    According to hundreds of recent reviews from patients on RealSelf, the average cost of a mini facelift is $7,525, but prices can vary anywhere from as low as $2,900 to as high as $18,000 depending on the surgeon you choose. 

    What Is Included In A Mini Facelift?

    If you call a plastic surgeon’s office and ask them for a price quote on a mini facelift, they may only give you the price of their surgeon’s fee. Plastic surgeons typically require you to meet with them for an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your concerns and have an official assessment of your facial anatomy and aging changes.

    At the end of your consultation, your prospective surgeon may provide you with a detailed treatment plan tailored to you and your goals. Once you and your surgeon have agreed on a treatment plan, you should be given a total cost quote.

    The cost of your mini facelift can depend on a variety of factors, including:

    • The geographic location of the plastic surgery office 
    • The experience of your board-certified plastic surgeon (the cost of the surgeon’s fee)
    • Whether your procedure is done in a plastic surgery office or a hospital
    • If an anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist performs your anesthesia care
    • Whether you decide to combine your mini facelift with other facial rejuvenation procedures

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a surgeon’s fee for a facelift is based on their experience, the type of procedure used, and the geographic location of their office. As a mini facelift is less complex than other facelifts, the surgeon’s fee is typically more affordable than it would be for more invasive facelift procedures. 

    Bear in mind that feeling comfortable with your prospective surgeon is just as important in making a confident decision to get a mini facelift as the final cost of the surgery.

    The cost of your mini lift may include:

    • Pre-op lab tests
    • Consultation fee
    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Anesthesia fee
    • Follow-up appointments 
    • Pain management and infection prevention medications for recovery

    On top of the total cost of your facial rejuvenation surgery, remember that you will most likely need to budget for recovery supplies, such as saline and creams for incision care.

    Is A Mini Facelift Worth The Money?

    Based on over 100 recent reviews from mini facelift patients on RealSelf, this less invasive facelift procedure has a 93% “worth it” rating.

    With less downtime, less pain, less visible incisions, and a lower cost, the mini facelift can be the perfect procedure for people in their 30s through their 50s who are just starting to notice saggy cheeks and jowling in their faces. As long as your aging changes are not too severe, the mini facelift can be an effective alternative to a traditional facelift, still promoting a meaningful transformation.

    While a mini facelift does not achieve results as sustainable and dramatic as a full facelift, it does have some benefits over the more invasive procedure:

    • It’s followed by a quicker, less painful recovery period. This can be convenient if you live a busy lifestyle and prefer to get back on schedule as quickly as possible.
    • It requires smaller incisions, so it leaves less noticeable scarring.
    • It allows you to achieve more dramatic and longer-lasting results than non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments. Results can be very effective in the right patients!
    • In some cases, there is no need for general anesthesia. Local anesthetic can be used during your mini facelift if you are sensitive to general anesthesia.
    • It’s less expensive than other facelift options. If you have a lower budget, the mini facelift allows you to achieve noticeable rejuvenation without spending as much.

    Financing Your Mini Facelift

    Any type of facelift surgery is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, so most health insurance plans do not provide coverage for the procedure or possible complications that may follow. Most plastic surgeons offer financing plans, so before deciding that a mini facelift isn’t within your budget, please ask about these options.

    At The Kaplan Center, for example, we offer financing options with a quick application, easy terms, and 0% or low interest rates. Each financing company we partner with offers flexible payment plans to suit any budget.

    With no up-front costs, no fees, and no pre-payment penalties, CareCredit is a popular choice for patients as it provides them with credit for their elective procedures allowing them to achieve their goals when they want and pay over time. Depending on your budget, you can choose from short-term, 0% interest payment plans and long-term, low-interest payment plans.

    Another company we partner with to help patients afford their dream procedures is Alphaeon Credit, which offers a Budget Pay Plan for fixed monthly payments, and an Equal Pay Plan, with no interest options. Like CareCredit, Alphaeon Credit has no up-front costs, annual fees, or pre-payment penalties.

    For patients who prefer to finance their surgery through loans rather than a payment plan, Prosper allows borrowers to apply online for a fixed rate so individuals and institutions can invest in loans and earn financial and social rewards. Matched borrowers and investors are under low stress, as Prosper handles all loan servicing between them.

    If you want to restore youthfulness to your face but aren’t quite ready for a full facelift, the mini facelift may be a more affordable option to address your concerns. Request a consultation with Dr. Gordon Kaplan, a board-certified plastic surgeon in NY and NJ, to find out if a mini facelift suits your budget and your aesthetic needs.

    The Kaplan Center

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