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Home » Blog » Mini Facelift: The Preferred Choice For Anti-Aging

Mini Facelift: The Preferred Choice For Anti-Aging

Home » Blog » Mini Facelift: The Preferred Choice For Anti-Aging

Mini Facelift: The Preferred Choice For Anti-Aging


    What Is The Best Anti Aging Face Treatment?

    With age, the lower third of the face can start showing signs of aging before other areas. By targeting the chin, jawline, and neck, the mini facelift is an excellent solution for tightening and removing excess skin that causes the lower face to look more mature than the rest. 

    So, why is a mini facelift the best anti-aging face treatment? While it’s not necessarily designed for people with severe signs of aging who need a full face and neck lift, it can prevent aging from looking worse for younger patients. If you are not ready for a traditional facelift but feel Botox and fillers no longer provide the valuable improvements you require, a mini facelift may be the solution. This will also delay the need for a full facelift.

    Why Get A Mini Facelift Instead Of A Full Facelift?

    You may benefit from a quick, simple, less invasive procedure such as a mini facelift if you notice only mild facial aging changes such as early jowls, slight drooping in your cheeks, and superficial lines and wrinkles. If you have more pronounced aging signs such as deep folds, severe jowls, substantial drooping on your cheek area, and drastic skin laxity in the neck area, you may be better suited for a full face and neck lift.

    In general, the mini facelift can address:

    • The onset of jowls
    • Early skin laxity in the lower face and jawline
    • Superficial wrinkles in the lower face

    The mini facelift will not address the following:

    • Pronounced laxity, fullness, and muscle banding along the neck
    • Signs of aging in the upper portion of the face such as under-eye bags, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles
    • Severe jowls
    • Hollows of lost volume around the face

    What is a mini facelift candidate looking for? The mini facelift is often called the short-scar facelift as it involves shorter, less noticeable incisions than a traditional (SMAS) facelift. This less invasive facial rejuvenation procedure is the best anti-aging face treatment for men and women who have noticed aging changes along their lower face and jawline and want to improve them. 

    You may wonder, What is the ideal age for a mini facelift compared to a full facelift? There is no perfect age to get any type of cosmetic surgery, as we all age differently, but most of the patients who achieve the best results from mini facelifts are in their late 30s through their early 50s.

    The short-scar facelift is a meaningful alternative to the traditional facelift for the right candidates. This procedure allows them to get a cheaper, less invasive surgery with half the downtime and less noticeable scars, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a professional assessment of your facial aging stage for an educated opinion on whether the less invasive approach to a facelift is worthwhile.

    Benefits Of Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

    Any form of facial rejuvenation surgery can be life-changing, as it helps people appear as youthful and energetic on the outside as they feel on the inside. From eyelid surgery, brow and lip lifts to facelifts, neck lifts and facial fat transfer, facial cosmetic procedures can yield dramatic improvements on their own or combined.

    Some of the most popular benefits of facial rejuvenation surgery include:

    • Tightening or removing excess skin, fat, and muscle
    • Restoring lost volume
    • Increased confidence
    • Smoothing out wrinkles, folds, and muscle bands
    • Improving one’s quality of life personally, socially, and professionally

    The particular benefits of the mini facelift include:

    • Less expensive than a full facelift
    • Reduction in noticeable scarring is 
    • Half the downtime of a traditional facelift, with less severe initial side effects such as swelling and bruising
    • Eliminates early jowling
    • Smooths out fine lines in the lower face
    • Repositions and sometimes removes excess skin in the lower face and along the jawline
    • Enhances confidence
    • Promotes a more subtle refresh and more youthful appearance
    • The use of general anesthesia isn’t necessary,  so it will not involve the risks and downtime associated with it like a full facelift

    What Does Your Face Look Like After A Mini Facelift?

    If you’re looking for the best anti-aging face treatment, the mini facelift can help refresh your look and turn back the clock. Many of Dr. Kaplan’s lower third facelift patients tell us, they think they look a decade younger once they’re fully healed and their final results debut.

    Looking in the mirror every morning and evening after your mini facelift will be a completely different experience from before. You’ll still look like you, just refreshed with a more defined chin and jawline and a tighter lower face.

    While recovery and the side effects of the mini facelift are mild compared to the full facelift, be prepared to have some swelling, bruising, and tightness immediately after your surgery. This should fade on its own within a week or so, and we usually recommend our patients take medications such as bromelain and arnica to speed up healing, letting them enjoy their final results sooner.

    Most patients see noticeable improvements in their lower face by the 3-4 week mark after a short incision facelift. Final results will gradually show over the following weeks and months, as some residual swelling can take time to reduce.

    If you’re ready to restore confidence in your appearance with a subtle refresh and believe a mini facelift procedure may be the best anti-aging face treatment, request a consultation with NJ and NY board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gordon Kaplan. During your mini facelift consultation, you will discuss your goals and receive a professional assessment and personalized treatment plan.

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